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Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4: JMM discusses 'lucky' punch theory (Video)

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Ten months later, it's still being discussed. During Round 6 of Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, did a seemingly faded and desperate Juan Manuel Marquez have luck on his side when he uncorked the modern day 'shot heard around the world.'

The right hand that knocked Manny Pacquiao out cold will forever be one of the most referenced, most debated punches in the history of the sport.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 was named Fight of the Year and Knockout of the Year by RING Magazine, while Round 5 was given Round of the Year honors.

Floored in Round 3, Pacquiao, looking like the Filipino wrecking machine of 3 or 4 years prior, unleashed a wicked assault on his Mexican foe in Round 5.

PacMan landed a series of nasty lefts and eventually floored Marquez with a straight left hand. Although Marquez arose and clocked PacMan with a big right hand of his own that buckled the Filipino,  Pacquiao continued his attack, landing serious shots on a retreating, seemingly hurt Marquez.

In the waning seconds of the round, Marquez, bloodied and sporting a broken nose, looked like a beaten fighter as Referee Kenny Bayless watched him closely.


Smelling blood, perhaps figuratively and literally, Pacquiao picked up where he left off in Round 6, teeing off on his supposedly weakened opponent.

And then, with only 10 seconds left in the round, the aggressive, onrushing Pacquiao double feinted a jab and ran straight into a Marquez counter right that violently snapped Pacquiao's head back, causing PacMan to fall face first to the canvas.

So was it a lucky punch?

"Freddie Roach said it was a lucky punch but I don't think so," stated Juan Manuel Marquez in a recent interview. Marquez insisted that knocking out Pacquiao with the counter-right hand was central to his gameplan for Pacquiao vs Marquez 4.

"After all those fights, I knew what he likes to do. He has a little feint that he does when he's coming in. That little feint, I was waiting for it. I knew it was coming because I saw it earlier. As soon as I saw that little feint, I knew he was coming right at me."

"That's when I threw the punch."

In a video released weeks prior to the bout, Marquez is seen knocking down a sparring partner with a hard counter right hand not unlike the shot he uncorked on Manny, just with heavily padded sparring gloves.

Does the footage validate the Mexican?

Some will insist it proves Marquez had trained to knockout Pacquiao with that punch and he thus benefited from strategy more so than luck.

But lucky or not, who wouldn't want to see these fight legends 'throw down' one more time? If Marquez defeats Bradley, let's hope JMM gives Manny a rematch.

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