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Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 5: Not even for $100 Million?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Fight legend Manny Pacquiao still has unfinished business with longtime Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

But ever since Juan Manuel Marquez, seemingly on the verge of defeat, heroically knocked out Manny in December 2012, he's stood firm in insisting there will never be another Pacquiao vs Marquez bout.

In December 2013, Marquez told BoxingScene, "[The win over Pacquiao is and always will be an unforgettable moment for me, for the fans."

"That is precisely why I think there is no point in a fifth fight although the promoters are pushing [for it]."

But what about the money, Juan? A fifth fight with Manny would serve as the highest grossing fight of your career. How many fighters over 40 have the opportunity to earn $20 Million plus for a bout?

And yes, it's been reported investors and broadcast networks in the Philippines would, in fact, raise enough money to give Marquez the most lucrative purse of his career should he face Pacquiao there.

But Juan Manuel Marquez refuses to budge.

"I am no longer interested in Pacquiao. They are saying that the networks are willing to pay $60 million dollars for a fight with Pacquiao in the Philippines. I wouldn't go to the Philippines for a fight with Pacquiao for a $100 million dollars," said Marquez, according to ESPN Deportes.

$100 Million?

And he's probably hellbent on never fighting Manny again.

Marquez has never seriously entertained the idea of facing Pacquiao since his come-from-behind win over PacMan in 2012. But two things are for certain: 1) Manny Pacquiao believes he has unfinished business with Marquez and wants the fight badly and 2) Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 would be very lucrative.

And Marquez still wants to fight again as he hasn't officially retired. This isn't about trying to lure a retired fighter who has had enough with boxing.

Although Marquez defeated Manny the last time they fought, did that fight shake the former's confidence? After all, it appeared Manny was close to finishing a bloodied Marquez before the latter landed that perfect shot.


Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, Round 6

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