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Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley 2: Freddie Roach critiques PacMan's performance

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While Manny Pacquiao's die hard fans are ecstatic that the eight division world champion was able to regain the WBO Welterweight title and exact revenge on his previously unbeaten opponent, trainer Freddie Roach is much harder to please. After this past Saturday night's main event in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Hall of Fame fight coach gave his honest assessment of the "Pacman's" performance against former champion Tim Bradley.

"I thought Manny did pretty well, but we didn't expect Bradley to fight as aggressively as he did for most of the fight," stated the Wildcard Gum proprietor.

"That threw us a little bit, because we thought he was going to box us and we didn't think he was going to look for the home run shot all night long and he had some success with that."

"Bradley landed the overhand right that hurt Manny in the fourth round. But he was swinging so hard with those big shots, that he seemed to get tired midway through the fight. I thought from the sixth on, Manny just dominated the fight."

Leading into the highly anticipated bout, many of Pacquiao's critics were questioning whether or not the Filipino icon still had the killer instinct to stop his opponents at this stage of his career.

"I thought he had the killer instinct in this fight, and I felt that he opened up pretty well when he had Bradley on the ropes a few times," insists Freddie Roach.

"But he didn't look like he had the kind of power that he usually has, and he was a little slower than what I've seen in the past."

"I really don't know why. Because in the dressing room warming up before the fight, he was on fire. During the fight he wasn't as much, but I think Bradley might have had something to do with that."

"I don't think Manny showed Bradley any compassion in this fight. I think he tried to go for the stoppage and even stayed in the pocket a little too long at times. I wanted him to move in and out of range with his combinations a little quicker, but he wanted to fight him. After Bradley hurt him in the fourth round, Manny was a little more careful from that point on."

Often in the heat of battle, a fighter will choose to trust his instincts rather than listen to the sound advice of his trainer. Freddie claims that Manny made the fight a little more difficult than he had to at times.

"I tried to tell Manny to use his feet to move in and out of range with quick combinations, but it didn't work out too well. He got caught in the pocket a couple of times, and he stayed in front of Bradley a little too much. When Bradley was throwing those wide looping shots, Manny was trying to beat him down the middle with his straight left. He had some success with that, but overall it looked like Bradley was landing the bigger shots."

"But I thought Manny fought a disciplined fight overall. It hurt him when he tried to open up on Bradley, but I felt that he pulled out at the right moment to get away from those big shots. It seemed that Bradley was trying to land the same overhand right that Marquez landed and it worked against him in the second half of the fight."

After putting on a dominant performance against a pound for pound fighter in his prime, the heralded fight trainer examines what could be on the horizon for the Wildcard tandem.

"Well, Marquez is a big fight for us. If Marquez wins his next fight, I like that fight because we owe him one, I feel. I would really like to get that one back."

"But if Mayweather is interested at all, I sure would like to fight him too."
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