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Mayweather vs Berto: 'Money May' ripe for the taking?

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Fresh off winning the biggest fight of his career and one of the most significant in the entire history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather, who just earned a record-setting purse in May, will face lightly-regarded Andre Berto next in what may be the final bout of his illustrious career.

Mayweather vs Berto will take place September 12 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many in the fight community insist this bout is a farce and are chastising Floyd for not facing a top 5 contender. 

And when comparing and contrasting the fighters' accomplishments, especially lately, Andre clearly doesn't deserve the opportunity that's been presented to him.

And he certainly isn't the first nor will he be the last undeserving beneficiary. After all, this is boxing. It can be harshly unfair, like life.

But are fans and pundits missing something with Mayweather vs Berto?

Are folks assuming Berto will face the same fighter who derailed Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao?

Will Floyd, for this fight, have the same level of discipline and desire he showed against the aforementioned opponents?

Fans would argue Floyd doesn't need to be as good as was against Canelo and Manny to fend off Berto. And perhaps they would be correct. Mayweather seemingly won't need to bring his 'A Game' but it would be a mistake for him to show up September 12 with anything less than an 'A Minus Game.' 

Berto, although not a top 7 or 8 welterweight, is a motivated, hungry fighter who will be at his best come September 12.

And at this level, any world class fighter is capable of losing badly and getting hurt against an experienced top 15 contender if he is not motivated and mentally-prepared to a degree.

Has a top fighter lost to an sizably inferior, presumably over-matched opponent because the former seemingly lacked motivation or took his foe too lightly?

  • Leon Spinks UD 15 Muhammad Ali, 1978
  • Buster Douglas KO 10 Mike Tyson, 1990
  • Hasim Rahman KO 5 Lennox Lewis, 2001
  • Kirkland Lang SD 10 Roberto Duran, 1982
  • Iran Barkley TKO 3 Thomas Hearns, 1988

An elite-level fighter, even the best of the best, needs a certain level of focus and committment in training to avoid getting upset by a solid but woefully inferior top 15 contender. 

And as a winner of 30 of 33 fights, Andre Berto isn't exactly the 'chopped liver' portrayed by many.

Will Floyd start to believe what people are saying and fall prey to over confidence as a result?

Mayweather vs Berto outside-the-ring intangibles

  • Floyd is coming off the biggest win of his career (UD 12 Manny Pacquiao, May 2)

  • Mayweather has just earned the highest pay day in sports history but his purse for Mayweather vs Berto will only equate to about 10 percent of his earnings for facing Manny Pacquiao

  • Floyd is approaching 39 and has made no secret he's fed up with prizefighting; If not for having one last fight on his lucrative CBS/Showtime deal, Floyd would likely be retired
  • Berto is a hungry, athletically-gifted fighter looking to resurrect his career and is certainly better than any of Floyd's sparring partners

  • Floyd is on top of the world and has little to gain by defeating Berto. Andre, on the other-hand, knows a win, or even a strong performance, would make him an overnight success story.

Perhaps Mayweather vs Berto is really Floyd vs Floyd?

Can 'Money May' triumph over the temptation to party and slack off, and muster the desire, discipline and motivation to ready himself for what otherwise would be a pretty meaningless fight?

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