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Mayweather vs. Maidana 2: Trainer Robert Garcia strikes back (Video)

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After being verbally bludgeoned by Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the first two stops of this week's press tour, "El Chino" Maidana's head trainer, Robert Garcia, took to the podium with some choice words for the always controversial "Money Man" of boxing already prepared. "Look, I retired thirteen years ago, Floyd," stated the former IBF Super Featherweight Champion. "But if I would have fought like a b**ch, I would still be undefeated like you. If I would have run like a b**ch, I would probably still be fighting and still be undefeated like you."

"I know, Floyd, you're going to bring up my loss to Diego Corrales again, but I'm proud to say that I fought and lost to a fighter who will always be remembered and thought of as a warrior. Corrales will be remembered throughout history as a warrior, and not a b**ch."

The previous day in Washington D.C., Mayweather brought up his only mutual opponent with Garcia, which was the late Diego Corrales. The fallen warrior stopped Robert Garcia to capture his IBF 130 pound title in 1999, and was knocked out by "Pretty Boy" Floyd in 2001.

Although the two respective outings with "Chico" Corrales has little relevance to the upcoming September 13th bout with Marcos Maidana, the antagonistic pound for pound king used the topic to prove his dominance over Maidana's chief second.

Robert ostensibly took exception to the stale dated topic.

"You've been bringing up stories about dirty fighting and dirty tactics. Well guess what? This fight is going to be even more rough for you. You had better be ready, because this fight with Chino is going to be even rougher."

The 39 year old fight trainer also addressed an impromptu challenge that was made public during the NYC presser as well.

"You're going around telling Chino that you want to place a bet for his purse, well let's do that bet right now," insisted the Oxnard, California based boxing coach. "Let's do that bet right now! You want to put in conditions? We'll put in conditions to the wager too."

"Let's do the bet 'winner take all'...you've got a lot of money, so let's do it right now 'winner take all' with Maidana getting to wear his MX Everlast gloves! Are you willing to do it? And we don't even need to sign a paper, because men settle deals with a handshake. Are you going to shake my hand, Floyd? Are you going to shake my hand?"

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The seldom upstaged "king of trash talk" didn't give the two-time trainer of the year recipient the satisfaction of even acknowledging his words. Floyd merely continued to play to the audience, pretending that he didn't hear the publicly announced wager.

Seemingly infuriated, Garcia commenced to pulling out a pair of pink everlast gloves, offering the "feminine" token as personal reminder of what is now referred to by many as "MX glove-gate".

"So you're not going to let us wear our gloves in the ring? Well we have a pair that you can wear," stated Garcia as he handed the "breast cancer awareness" gloves to Floyd Jr. "Those are your gloves. That's what you should be wearing, Floyd."

Before his May 3rd meeting with Maidana, the undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion refused to face his opponent while wearing the preferred glove of the hard punching Argentine, which was the commission approved "MX Everlast" gloves. Mayweather complained about the lack of padding inside the knuckle area of the horse-hair stuffed glove.

Although the NSAC approved the style of glove in many fights prior to the May 3rd contest, Mayweather was threatening to cancel the highly anticipated fight unless Maidana chose an alternative set. For an undisclosed amount, the Argentine fighter decided to use the "Powerlock" model of Everlast gloves, coincidently used by fellow countryman Lucas Matthysse during his fight with John Molina Jr.

From what has been reported by numerous sources, Marcos once again won't be wearing his preferred model when he faces Floyd on September 13th, as a negotiated stipulation.

It continues to be a thorn in the collective side of Team Maidana...specifically Robert Garcia.

"Those are your gloves, Floyd," reiterated the widely respected fight trainer. "That's what you're going to wear on September 13th."

Although most of the banter between the two camps is mere gamesmanship, the two fighters and their respective parties have been doing a brilliant job selling the rivalry on the five city promotional tour. The fight fans who have attended the pressers seem to be enjoying the verbal exchanges...hopefully they will enjoy the upcoming showdown
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