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Mayweather vs McGregor: No, it's still not going to be competitive

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In the latest installment of the soap opera that is "Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor", former two division world champion Paulie Malignaggi recently left the UFC training facility for good and is now refusing to work with the Irish underdog any further, citing a lack of professionalism and an "exploitative" agenda from Team McGregor after photos insinuating a knock-down during a Tuesday twelve-round sparring session surfaced and went viral.

"The Magic Man" expectedly took exception to the bold and ungentlemanly claim.

"It's not nice to paint a picture that isn't true," the proud Brooklynite posted on his Twitter account this past weekend.  "This was a push down in sparring...post the whole video rounds 1 through 12 unedited.  I came to help this camp out, not to be exploited.  Now you're going to get the truth though.  Post full unedited video from Tuesday night."

During the most recent episode of Showtime's All-Access presentation, Conor had much to say about the now infamous sparring session.

"He stayed in there...you've got to give him respect for that," stated the UFC cash-cow.  "But that was it.  He came, he got his a$$ whooped, and that was it."

Who's depiction of what actually transpired at the UFC facility is most accurate and reliable?  Furthermore, does this say anything at all about Conor's realistic chances against the best prizefighter of this era, Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Veteran boxing coach Virgil Hunter had an interesting take on the recent turn of events and provided some much needed insight into McGregor's chances in the ring with Money May.

"When you're getting ready for a challenge of this magnitude, you have to be honest with yourself," stated the head trainer of Light Heavyweight kingpin Andre Ward to FightHype.com.  "You can play the public, but you can't play yourself."

"He's got to be asking himself, 'what am I getting myself into?'  This is no game.  It looks good on the tour and it helps hype the event, but when it comes to the reality of what's actually going to happen in the ring, he has to be pretty concerned about how this thing could turn out."

The prolific and knowledgeable boxing mentor eludes to the idea that team McGregor's claims are nothing more than a feeble attempt to make a virtual one-sided mismatch seem competitive to the casual and mainstream sports fan who wouldn't know a left hook from a fish hook.

Virgil Hunter expounded on his theory to FightHype.com.

"Logically, you wouldn't even have the public interest if an Olympic Gold Medalist coming out of the amateurs was taking on Floyd Mayweather.  You're talking about a guy who, hypothetically, would have 250 amateur fights taking on the best in the world, and no one would have any interest...someone who would be way more qualified than McGregor is right now, and no one would care."

"We wouldn't take a kid who's 14 or 15 years old in the Junior Olympics and stick him in the ring with the best of this era, a fighter who is 49-0 against world class opposition, but basically that's what they're doing.  That's the experience level of Conor McGregor in the ring, and that's what they're trying to sell here. In terms of experience and understanding the sport, that's where McGregor is at right now."

"They're putting a beginner in the ring with Floyd Mayweather."

Although Floyd hasn't stopped an opponent since controversially halting Victor Ortiz in 2011, Hunter warns any potential spectator not to be surprised if Money May forces McGregor to quit...well within the distance of the scheduled twelve round fight.

"I see the fight being stopped," claims Virgil Hunter.  "If Floyd doesn't stop him, I see the referee or Conor's corner stepping in a stopping the fight.  Somebody has to be prepared to be humane on August 26."

"It all depends on the mentality of Floyd Mayweather.  If Floyd wants to sit down on his punches and punish the man, Conor will get knocked out and there's nothing he'll be able to do about it.  If Floyd merely wants to hit on him until he makes him quit, it will play out that way.  Does Floyd want to make him quit, or does he want to get him out of there?"

"Floyd's a fighter.  The tendency is to start whipping on him if he detects any weakness from his opponent, and get him to a point where he's either going to quit or get knocked out.  Unless Floyd is feeling generous and charitable, I don't see it playing out any other way."

No matter how fervently Team McGregor attempts to manipulate perception, the reality is that an MMA fighter will be making his professional boxing debut against the very best prizefighter in the world.  So unless Conor brings a baseball bat, a knife and a machine gun to the ring, Mayweather will have his way with him for as long or as short as the scheduled twelve round bout lasts. 

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor will go down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 26, and will be presented by Showtime PPV.     
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