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Mayweather vs McGregor prediction: Fight won't happen

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Will a boxing legend face a mixed martial arts legend in a boxing ring?

All-time boxing great Oscar De La Hoya predicts the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor superfight won't happen.

“The fight will never happen. The UFC will never allow it,” De La Hoya recently told Soprts Illustrated.

“Why would the UFC let their biggest star go over and fight straight boxing?

“He would probably be outclassed and it will be a boring boxing match,” he added.


I would be anything but boring as McGregor would get sliced, diced and pounded out within three rounds. But Oscar's other comments are solid.

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez, who is promoted by De La Hoya and lost to Floyd in 2013, told Sports Illustrated via an interpreter:

“It would be offensive to my fans if I fought McGregor. I wouldn’t do it.

But have you seen those dollar $igns Canelo? Would you box a novice for millions of dollars?

Regardless of the money, why would McGregor try to box Floyd? Conor would get beaten by a top amateur, and Floyd would surely put a hurtin' on him.

Perhaps McGregor has something up his sleeve?

Last week famed boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas predicted McGregor would try to embarrass Floyd by turning the boxing match into an MMA match.

"If McGregor really can’t win the fight standing up, under (boxing) rules — and those would be the rules — then why would he take it? Because he would break the rules,” fight trainer and analyst Atlas recently told ESPN.

“He would come in there, he would break the rules, he would pin him, and then he would proclaim himself as the ‘king of the ring’. Even though he might lose the purse money, his brand would go through the roof."


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