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Mayweather vs McGregor prediction: Floyd will play into Conor's hands

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Conor McGregor can't beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

In fact, a lot of top amateur boxers would school McGregor in the ring.

So why is there so much buzz about the prospects for Mayweather vs McGregor?

For starters, it's intriguing in a circus-like way just as Muhammad Ali vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would have been.

... But the result in both cases is quite obvious.

McGregor vs Mayweather is also alluring because the fighters' names and personalities are so huge. It's a freak show the public would clamour for and the combatants would stand to earn a lot of money as a result.

Let's face it, most of us love a good freak show.

What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton decided to settle their differences in the ring?

The skill level would be garbage but it would be the highest grossing fight ever because the public would be intrigued. And from a revenue generation standpoint, Trump vs Clinton would make Floyd's fight with Manny Pacquiao look like chump change.

But back to Mayweather vs McGregor...

So why would Conor McGregor, perhaps the most popular mixed martial artist ever, willingly put himself in a position to get embarrassed and knocked out?

Answer: Because he intends to break the rules in an attempt to raise his brand at the expense of Floyd's reputation, insists famed boxing trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas.

"If McGregor really can’t win the fight standing up, under (boxing) rules — and those would be the rules — then why would he take it? Because he would break the rules,” fight trainer and analyst Atlas recently told ESPN.

“He would come in there, he would break the rules, he would pin him, and then he would proclaim himself as the ‘king of the ring’. Even though he might lose the purse money, his brand would go through the roof."

.... And it would have all been made possible by Floyd Mayweather's foolishness. 

Do you really think Conor wants to box you, Floyd?

Should Conor take that route, it would be beyond cheating - It would be very unsportsmanlike.

At the inaugural UFC event, there were three rules: no biting, eye gouging or groin strikes.

Since 1993, more rules have been added including no knees to the head on a grounded opponent, no strikes to the back of the head or the spine and no head butts. As a result, today's mixed martial artists don't train to defend against head butts, for example, because it’s against the rules.


Should Conor break the rules against Floyd, it would be tantamount to a MMA fighter training to stop an opponent via a flagrant head butt to the nose, knowing his foe wouldn't expect it nor would have trained to defend an illegal bone-breaking head butt to the face.

It would be like a boxer training to land shots in his opponent's groin knowing his opponent would be ill-prepared to defend groin shots because they were not within the agreed rules.

Again, that would go beyond cheating.

And yes, McGregor would be disqualified and hit with a modest fine but a lot of viewers would, perhaps, view Conor as the real winner. They wouldn't understand Floyd hadn't trained to avoid takedowns, kicks and elbows just as MMA fighters don't train to avoid head butts to the face.

Hence, if a boxer purposely knocked out a freestyle wrestler in an agreed "wrestling match," it would be a pretty spineless move.

“He’s [Conor McGregor] a promotional genius, just like Floyd is, just like Muhammad Ali was,” Atlas added. “Nobody is thinking of that part of it. Floyd, before he puts his John Hancock on any contract, he better think that part of it.


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