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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Will ‘Glove-Gate’ be an issue on May 2?

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Although the highly anticipated “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao won’t officially begin until the opening bell sounds on Saturday, May 2, the war between the two respective camps started long ago; which ultimately explains why the always passionate fight fans have escalated the historic match-up to stratospheric and unprecedented levels.

Various disagreements of random urine and blood testing before and after the prizefight, the long belabored debate of the proposed purse split, which company would be the lead promoter for the lucrative event, the venue in which the fight would be held, the trainers, the sparring partners, and everything under the sun have fueled this rivalry to epic proportions.

Most recently, Pacquiao’s legendary head trainer, Freddie Roach, has taken one final shot before the action in the ring formally takes place this weekend…and it’s regarding an issue that could directly affect the performance of both fighters.

“Grant is doing his gloves, and they’re all custom made…I’d like to know what he’s using,” the Hall of Fame fight coach recently told Mlive.com. “I want to know what he’s putting in those gloves, and what materials they’re made with."

“Our gloves are made by machine in Mexico. They’re the same all the time. They’re very standard. Top Rank has a warehouse full of them. They’ll grab a pair and we’ll pick our gloves from one of the ten pairs available.”

The gloves Pacquiao will be wearing on May 2 will be his customary brand of choice, manufactured by Cleto Reyes of Mexico, while Mayweather will be wearing his preferred brand of custom made Grant gloves. Both 8 ounce selected gloves were negotiated and agreed upon before the official fight contract was signed, sealed, and delivered.

If the astute seven-time trainer of the year had any kind of trepidation or concerns regarding the “make and model” of Mayweather’s preferred glove, why didn’t Coach Freddie raise the issue while negotiating the fight contract?

The 55 year old boxing coach is concerned with the idea that each pair of Mayweather’s Grant gloves are custom made and potentially different before every fight.

“I’m a little bit worried about the weight of the gloves and the amount of distributed padding,” admitted Freddie Roach. “Because I know that Floyd has fragile hands. It’s something that runs in the family.

"I’m a little concerned about the custom made gloves that he’s going to wear.”

It’s not uncommon for every major glove manufacturer to develop different styles to match a specific fighter’s personal needs in the ring.

Everlast, Reyes, and Grant each make gloves that are either more or less protective, depending on the individual preference of the athlete.

The various manufacturers will adjust the padding material, either foam, horse-hair, or blend, located throughout the glove. Obviously, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the various state athletic commissions, the pairs designated for the sanctioned bout have to weigh exactly the same, but the manufacturer can choose how to distribute the weight of the different styles of glove.

Undoubtedly, Freddie will conduct his own examination of Mayweather’s Grant gloves after Friday’s official weigh-in ceremony.

Will the difference in gloves be an issue during the super fight on May 2?

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