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Mayweather vs Pacquiao or Canelo vs Cotto? Who gets ‘Cinco de Mayo’ weekend 2015?

Joseph Herron Updated
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There’s nothing quite like fight week for Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum…the lights, cameras, and inquiries from the always curious members of the press.

While fielding various questions concerning the future of Top Rank, Inc., including the many stars fighting underneath his massive promotional banner, Bob was asked about the status of ongoing negotiations between Golden Boy Promotions and his promotional group regarding a colossal match-up featuring Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto.

The 82 year old fight promoter seemed extremely optimistic.

“Nothing is definite yet, but I think the negotiations with all of the parties involved are on track,” Arum told ESPN Deportes.

“I think the Cowboys Stadium would be the ideal place for a lot of reasons. I think a stadium with a capacity that can be flexible and achieve historic levels is a good place for a fight between Cotto and Canelo."

"We’ve had very good experiences there with the two fights that featured Manny Pacquiao.”

While the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys would seem to make an appropriate setting for the proposed Mexico vs. Puerto Rico super fight, the always candid fight promoter also appeared to be interested in staging another mega event in the same venue for 2015.

When discussing the possibility of his eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao facing the pound for pound king of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Arum also mentioned Jerry Jones’ “Death Star” as a preferred location for the highly anticipated showdown.

“If it happens, we’re considering Cowboys Stadium,” the Top Rank CEO told GMA News Online earlier this week. “It’s the only venue which has the capacity to host a big show such as a Pacquiao/Mayweather super fight.”

While both Canelo and Mayweather have targeted May 2, 2015, as the preferred date for their respective efforts next year, it seems improbable that both headlining events would appear on the same night within the same venue.

So which major fight will happen next year on “Cinco de Mayo” weekend in Arlington, Texas?

Not only is there a conflict of venue for both super fights, both Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez have existing agreements with HBO Sports, although the two fighters are promoted by different companies, Top Rank and Golden Boy respectively. It’s highly unlikely that Home Box Office would agree to stage two mega fights on the same night.

So which fighter is likely to grab the desired, lucrative fight date that falls on “Cinco de Mayo” weekend?

While it would make sense to stage the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico showdown during the Mexican holiday weekend, the biggest box office draw in boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr, has grown accustomed to presenting his brand on the coveted fight date over the last half decade.

On last night’s episode of “Boxing Legends” with Hall of Fame matchmaker and promoter Don “War a Week” Chargin, the senior advisor for Golden Boy Promotions seems to think that the big decision will be heavily influenced by CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves.

“It’s such an early stage at this point, and there are so many things that could determine who gets the date, so it's impossible to tell what‘s going to happen” stated Don Chargin. “But these are two stellar attractions, and everyone involved ultimately wants both projected events to reach their earning potential.”

“On Showtime’s side of things, I hear that CBS President Les Moonves is getting involved because I’m assuming he wants to ensure a big return on CBS/Showtime’s investment in Mayweather. They’ve given Floyd huge guaranteed purses for his efforts up to this point, and where it’s been an okay deal for Showtime financially, it hasn’t been a really good deal for the network.”

When Mayweather initially signed a six fight/30 month deal with CBS/Showtime back in February of 2012, the undefeated fighter had previously generated 9.6 million buys and $543 million in television revenue with nine PPV events throughout his relationship with HBO.

While the pound for pound king continues to be the top PPV draw in the sport, three of his last four events featured by Showtime Sports have fallen short of the network’s anticipated projections, only eclipsing the one million sales mark with the “Mayweather/Canelo” promotion that took place on September 14 of last year.

It seems safe to assume that the involvement of Moonves is a sign that CBS/Showtime will attempt to hold Floyd’s “feet to the fire” to maximize their earning potential in 2015.

Although Mr. Chargin believes this could mean that a projected Mayweather/Pacquiao super fight may fall on a date outside of “Cinco de Mayo” weekend, he points out that no one really knows what the future holds when Floyd Mayweather Jr. is involved.

“With Floyd, you just never know,” admits “War a Week” Chargin. “He might want to fight on a different date, he might not. Who knows…he could change his mind about everything tomorrow. You just never know with Floyd.”
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