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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: PEDs won’t be an issue on May 2

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When discussing the two future Hall of Fame fighters who will be competing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2, the drama never ceases to diminish.

Lately, fight fans have been rumbling about fitness and nutrition expert Victor Conte’s latest comments on the “random” drug testing procedure implemented by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao before and after their highly anticipated showdown.

“Short term comprehensive blood and urine testing is not random,” stated the current CEO of SNAC System to fight scribe Ronnie Nathanielsz of PhilBoxing.com.

“If a boxer is allowed to determine the start date of the testing, then they can use PEDs and then taper off and begin testing. What were the fighters doing for the two months before the six weeks of testing began?”

Conte also stated that the only testing that can be truly considered as random would be a program which holds fighters accountable anytime throughout the calendar year…not just when it’s convenient for the prizefighters in question.

So should fight fans be concerned that either or both participants on the clamored May 2 fight card could benefit from a banned performance enhancing substance on fight night?

Three decade fight trainer and FightSaga Radio personality James Gogue insists that the PED issue won’t be a factor on May 2

“Look, the better fighter will win on May 2...period,” claims the experienced boxing coach and manager. “A fighter’s affiliation with Ariza, Heredia, Conte, or anyone other strength and conditioning expert isn’t a guaranteed victory.”

“Pascal worked with Team Heredia in his preparation for Sergey Kovalev on March 14. How did that work out for him? Kovalev was the better fighter that night and stopped him in the eighth round. Athleticism can only take you so far in any sport. The better fighter is always going to win at the elite level of boxing.”

Gogue believes the fight fans on both sides of the fence are merely searching for pre-fight excuses for their respective favorite prizefighter in the event of an unexpected loss on May 2.

“Fight fans have always been this way,” states the lifelong boxing proponent. “Any rumor or trend will set them off. That’s how emotionally invested they are in this match-up. But when fans are emotionally attached to a prizefighter, they’re ultimately incapable of viewing these topics fairly and rationally."

"But you have to love them. Because if they weren’t so emotionally charged, the Mayweather/Pacquiao event on May 2 wouldn’t be drawing this much attention. So their passion for both men is a necessary element in this massive event.”

To listen to James Gogue’s entire interview on FightSaga Radio, please click on the attached link (Online radio)
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