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Mayweather vs Pacquiao prediction: Mike Tyson makes pick (Video)

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Heavyweight boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson recently chimed in on the fight everyone has been talking about, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

Via a video on You Tube, an animated Tyson suggested Floyd would have to be more offensive than usual to stay undefeated.

"When you think about the two fighters and the people that gave Pacquiao the most difficult time in his career, only the people that threw over 100 punches a round—[Tim] Bradley, [Juan Manuel] Marquez," uttered the fight great.

"Floyd doesn't throw nowhere near 100 punches a round."

"You know what I mean? He's more of a scientific fighter, he really plots a lot and he sits around and he pulls it."

"[Pacquiao's] all over, trading, moving. ... "

"That's just my opinion. I just don't think he's [Mayweather] going to be able to play that plodding skill. [Pacquiao's] like perpetual motion."

While Tyson didn't make a prediction outright, it's quite obvious he thinks Manny's speed, footwork and ability to fight from angles while remaining in perpetual motion would be too much for Floyd to overcome.


Although Pacquiao is, at least at this moment, a clear underdog, Mike's semi prediction isn't surprising as there are many who believe Manny would outwork Floyd in a battle of attrition should the latter fail to knockout the eight division world champion.

Shortly after Manny Pacquiao defeated Brandon Rios in November 2013, Tyson, as a guest on a popular cable television show, praised Pacquiao's efforts while dismissing Floyd's style in the ring.

"No fighter looked more sensational than Pacquiao the other night," stated 'Iron' Mike in reference to Manny's superb win over Rios.


When one of the hosts suggested Mike shouldn't forget about Floyd, the Hall of Famer brushed off the statement.

"That shows you're a neophyte in boxing."

"You know nothing about boxing."

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