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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao renews the Floyd Sr. and Freddie Roach rivalry

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Although the vast majority of the sporting world is currently gleaming with enthusiasm for the upcoming Mayweather/Pacquiao shootout, another longstanding rivalry is sure to get much media attention in the build-up to the heralded event.

For years, both respective trainers, Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather Sr., have been involved in many verbal sparring sessions. In the months approaching the May 2nd super fight, boxing fans could once again be treated to several more rounds of some entertaining, pre-fight banter.

In June of last year, Pacquiao’s Hall of Fame fight trainer made a very controversial claim that the pound for pound king of the sport had ostensibly lost a step and was no longer the same fighter.

“I think Floyd’s legs are gone,” stated Freddie Roach. When he says he doesn’t move anymore because he wants to please the fans, I think it’s bullsh!t. He just can’t. I think he’s shot!”

Mayweather Sr. obviously took exception to Freddie’s comments, concerning his son’s ability in the ring, and had much to say in return.

“Freddie Roach ain’t nothing but a piece of sh**,” stated Floyd Mayweather Sr. “And he don’t know a f***ing thing about boxing. Never has and never will! He hasn’t done sh** with Pacquiao…I know it. He knows it. And the whole world knows it.”

“He got his a$$ beat so much when he was fighting, it was unbelievable. Look his record up…and look at the guys that he fought. See what he really is. He was nothing but a punching bag.”

After verbally bashing the six-time trainer of the year, the elder statesman of the Mayweather clan commenced to reciting poetry in honor of the upcoming showdown between Floyd and Manny.

“Freddie the joke coach Roach…who wouldn’t dare to approach. He’s just blowing smoke, with no hope. Manny moved from first-class to coach by training with the Roach!”

“Now he’s gonna be sprayed with Raid and underpaid! Because at the end of the night, Pacquiao’s title will be gone…just like the roach when the lights come on!”

The last time Freddie and Floyd pitted two of their respective fighters in a May 2nd PPV headliner, Coach Roach came out on top in emphatic manner. His long time pupil, Manny Pacquiao, stopped Ricky Hatton in just two brutal rounds.

Apparently Mayweather hasn’t forgotten the bad blood both trainers exuded during the build up to the highly publicized, 2009 HBO promotion.

According to the Las Vegas based, veteran trainer, he continues to possess the superior boxing intellect…regardless of the countless accolades Roach has received since their brief entanglement.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Floyd Joy Mayweather Sr…former fighter, now poetic writer. I will shock your mind, I’m one of a kind, cause I’m the greatest trainer of all time.”

“I’m the best…in the north, south, east, and west. For all the rest, there’s no contest…I must confess. I’m electrified, qualified, and bonafide …I’m the motivator, innovator, and creator…I’m the man of the hour, and I’m too sweet to be sour.”

We’ll find out who possesses the better fighter on May 2nd!!


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