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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao prediction: The 'Teddy Atlas Curse' strikes PacMan

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During ESPN’s coverage of the March 11, “Mayweather/Pacquiao” press conference at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, network boxing expert Teddy Atlas potentially jinxed one of the legendary May 2 combatants!!

While discussing the historic match-up, the prolific boxing trainer analyzed the pairing and gave viewers his official prediction for the big PPV event.

“Mayweather’s greatest strength is also his weakness…his defense,” professed the ESPN boxing analyst. “He becomes intoxicated with his defense at times. He slips and slides, and makes his opponents miss, but sometimes too much. He doesn’t always return fire as he’s making them miss and throw back at his opponents as often as he should.”

“Pacquiao is a guy who puts punches together. He throws punches in bunches, and is a guy who has quick hands. Manny can match the hand speed or come very close to matching the hand speed of Mayweather.”

“So in spots where Mayweather is too defensive, there will be opportunities for Pacquiao, with his footwork, hand speed and his ability to put punches together, to steal rounds. In simple terms, Pacquiao can win the close rounds by out-hustling or outworking Mayweather. Manny has the feet to get to Floyd, and also has the speed to let his hands go when he does.”

“So I’m picking Manny Pacquiao to upset the odds and win a decision on May 2.”

While the endorsement of an expert like Teddy Atlas may seem like a genuine bonus to many fight fans, the often emotional boxing commentator doesn’t have the greatest record in choosing the winning athlete on fight night.

Some could even make the assessment that Teddy is most reliable at picking the eventual runner-up.

Because of his extensive knowledge of the fight game, the phenomenon now recognized among boxing circles as “The Teddy Atlas Curse” is completely irrational and impossible to understand. The reasons for his selections make perfect sense and his explanation and match-up analysis is customarily accurate.

So why is Teddy so inept at choosing the winner? Perhaps Teddy is toying with fate and “cursing” the supposed winner with his selection…hence the moniker, “The Teddy Curse”.

Here are just some of the previous selections (evidence) made by the lifelong boxing proponent:

Teddy Atlas picked:

  • Margarito over Pacquiao
  • Cotto over Margarito in their first meeting
  • De la Hoya over Mayweather
  • Mosley over Cotto
  • Tony Thompson over Wlad Klitschko
  • Ricardo Mayorga over Oscar DLH
  • Mikkel Kessler over Joe Calzaghe
  • Margarito over Shane Mosley
  • Jermain Taylor over Kelly Pavlik
  • De la Hoya over Pacquiao
  • Pavlik over Bernard Hopkins
  • Roy Jones Jr. over Joe Calzaghe
  • Zab Judah over Floyd Mayweather
  • Juan Diaz over Juan Manuel Marquez in their first meeting
  • Zab Judah over Miguel Cotto
  • Sultan Ibragimov over Wlad Klitschko
  • David Haye over Wlad Klitschko
  • Manny Pacquiao over Tim Bradley in their first meeting, and
  • Tim Bradley over Manny Pacquiao in their second meeting

These are just a few of Teddy’s infamous bad picks over the last several years. Although the list doesn’t end there, the aforementioned selections are sufficient enough evidence to support the validity of “Teddy Atlas Curse”.

So did the expert trainer and analyst jinx the Pacman with his prediction? Is Manny now destined to lose on May 2nd?

The bizarre theory and phenomenon will be tested in just six short weeks.

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