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Mayweather vs Pacquiao trainer rivalry escalates: Will there be another big fight May 2?

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There's probably as much animosity between the trainers of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao as the fighters themselves.

.....And perhaps more.

For years Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather Sr have exchanged heated, very hurtful words as the rivalry between the two men appears to have climaxed a week before their respective fighters will face-off in the biggest fight in history.

Freddie Roach, of course, has recently criticized Floyd Sr's abilities as a boxing trainer, contending the elder Mayweather would be irrelevant in the sport without the success of his son.

During a recent interview with On the Ropes, Floyd hinted Mayweather vs Pacquiao may not be the only big fight next weekend if the trainer he dubbed 'Joke Coach Roach' invaded his personal space.

"I know one thing and it’s like this right here, if he hits me in some kind of way for no reason and I haven’t done anything to him, I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of him," stated the elder Mayweather.

"I mean, there ain’t nothing that I would want to do to anybody who has an ailment, but as long as he don’t try nothing stupid like that, then he ain’t gotta worry about nothing happening to him," Mayweather Sr. said.

"Freddie Roach seems to think that he can talk about me and talk about other people and then nobody is supposed to respond to what he is saying because he’s got Parkinson’s, he thinks nobodyis supposed to respond. I’m not gonna respond about his Parkinson’s or anything like that, but if he hits me or something like that, it’s a different problem. It’s a problem right there, right then."

The scariest element in the ongoing Mayweather vs Pacquiao trainer rivalry is that both men, former contenders, have been involved in physical altercations in the past two years, have extremely strong personalities and probably wouldn't back out of a physical confrontation.

Freddie Roach vs Team Rios, Nov 2013
Just days before the highly-anticipated showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios in China, hall-of-fame trainer Freddie Roach and Rios trainer Robert Garcia got into a verbal brawl. Although Garcia appeared to do his best to stay composed throughout the entire incident, the same could not be said for the rest of Team Rios.

When Roach and members of Brandon's team were exchanging heated words, a member of Team Rios approached Freddie who, at one point, held his fists up in an aggressive manner, only to take a kick in the chest from his former colleague, Alex Ariza. Fortunately, security diffused the situation quickly.

Floyd Mayweather Sr vs Ruben Guerrero, Jan 2014 (Video below)
Arch enemies, trainers Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero, the father of boxing star Robert Guerrero, engaged in what initially appeared to be friendly smack until things got heated and Guerrero got in Floyd's face.

"I know you ain't... I know you ain't," yelled the angry elder Mayweather who subsequently attacked Guerrero, prompting those in attendance to restrain both men. (video)

Floyd Mayweather Sr vs Freddie Roach on May 2?

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