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Miguel Cotto: Team prefers Tim Bradley over Gennady Golovkin

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Who will WBC/lineal middleweight champion Miguel Cotto fight next? Will it be Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez or Floyd Mayweather?

Or will he face the likes of Tim Bradley or Gennady Golovkin?

At this moment we know two things:

1) Although most indicators point to Alvarez, Cotto vs Canelo is not concrete, and

2) It appears Cotto vs Golovkin isn't a possibility anytime soon, much to the chagrin of fans who wish to see the world's top two middleweights engage in a high-stakes, title unification bout.

"He's [Bradley] class A and he's absolutely at the top of the game," Cotto's adviser, Gaby Penagaricano, told RingTV when queried about the prospects for Cotto vs Bradley.

"So I'm sure that, also, he would make a great fight."

"Sure, I would say that he [Bradley] would be a bit bigger than Golovkin. There are a few bigger fights than a fight with Golovkin."

A "few" fights bigger than Cotto vs Golovkin?

Gaby may be sending a strong message to Team Golovkin and fans: Don't count on Cotto vs Golovkin anytime soon.

If Cotto vs Canelo doesn't materialize, Mayweather and Bradley seemingly represent Plans B and C for Team Cotto with Golovkin, thus far, out of the picture.

Is Team Cotto underestimating Golovkin's fanbase and stock value or is the fighter dubbed 'GGG' just too much risk for what still would be a very handsome reward?

On paper, Tim certainly should be the bigger name but sometimes things are not as they seem.

For Team Cotto, Miguel vs Golovkin is likely a much bigger attraction and would yield far more revenue, but Cotto vs Bradley is far less risky, regardless of whether Miguel fought Tim at middleweight or super welterweight.

And while Tim Bradley is a solid top 10 pound-for-pound fighter, he's also a 5'6" welterweight who drew with Diego Chaves earlier this month and, in the eyes of some, is nothing more than an super-skilled, puffed-up super lightweight fighting naturally, bigger stronger opponents.

Given Bradley's size and limited knockout power, it's easy to see why he might be a target for Team Cotto. Tim has participated in the main event of the three pay-per-view cards, headlined numerous HBO and Showtime events and is a familiar, respected name.

Moreover, Bradley has solid wins over numerous thoroughbreds including Lamont Peterson, Junior Witter, Miguel Vazquez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Ruslan Provodnikov and Devon Alexander, and Team Cotto may remind fans of this when or if the time comes.

Bradley or Golovkin? Tim is certainly the safer, more conservative pick for Team Cotto but potentially not the most lucrative nor appealling for the fans.


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