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Mike Tyson vs Trevor Bryan for mini version of WBA heavyweight title?

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Per WorldBoxingNews.net, 54-year-old fight legend Mike Tyson may have been offered a deal to face WBA (Regular) heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan (21-0, 15 KO).

It might seem ridiculous until you’re reminded who Bryan’s promoter is.

Don King.

Yes, THAT Don King - the 88-year-old legendary promoter who showcased Iron Mike during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, when the latter was among the most popular athletes on the planet.

WorldBoxingNews.net reported that King met with Tyson last week in Florida and allegedly pitched the idea to Tyson, who hasn’t fought in professional circumstances since 2005.

Don King Mike Tyson at Dinner(Image courtesy of WorldBoxingNews.net )

“WBA Heavyweight Champion Trevor Bryan is chomping at the bit to take on all comers as he continues training in Florida following winning the title,” said the information sent to World Boxing News.

“I’m the only heavyweight champion in the United States,” said Bryan, who calls himself “The Dream.” “I’m the young lion, and I’m hungry.

“I’ll even give Iron Mike Tyson the opportunity to come back and fight me for my title.” MIKE TYSON HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE SHOT He continued: “I’m more than ready, so let’s get it on. We are ready to go. I’ll take on Mike Tyson for a tune-up, and then I’ll fight either Joshua or Fury the same night.”

Wait, what?

  • Facts and stats

  • Bryan is currently the WBA 'Regular' heavyweight champion. Anthony Joshua is the real and legitimate WBA champion (or the sanctioning body's WBA "Super" heavyweight champion)

  • Bryan last fought January 29, earning a 11th Round TKO of Bermane Stiverne in a lackluster affair. Prior to that, he hadn't fought since August 2019 (TKO BJ Flores)

  • Trevor is ranked No. 40 in the heavyweight division by BoxRec.

  • At 6'4", Bryan weighed  267½ pounds for his most recent bout (Jan 2021)

Tyson, of course, is slated to participate in an exhibition in September with fellow great Lennox Lewis, 55.

Tyson vs Bryan doesn’t make a lot of sense at this moment but certainly opens the door for possibilities after the Lewis exhibition.

The Lewis “rematch” is expected to garner Tyson north of $15 million so there’s no monetary incentive for Mike to face Bryan.

After all, there’s less risk in fighting a retired, 55-year-old legend in a friendly exhibition than an active but relatively unknown 31-year-old heavyweight on the rise in a "real fight." And while Tyson vs Bryan would probably be more lucrative, the ends simply wouldn’t justify the means at this moment.

Don King Productions image

WBA Regular heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan: Can Tyson, at 55, beat this guy?

However, should Tyson continue training and fighting exhibitions, at what point will the opportunity to face a top 10 or 20 heavyweight (especially for a title) be too good to refuse?

... Especially if a fighter looks beatable, a la Trevor Bryan.

Exhibitions between retired boxers, although vogue today, will eventually become less interesting. Then what?

Who knows?

Perhaps Tyson is using these exhibitions to slowly and deliberately prepare himself for something much bigger?

Win or lose, Tyson vs Bryan would be a huge opportunity for both fighters. For Trevor, a win over the legend, despite the circumstances, would give his career a much-needed boost in a red hot division where his name and (trinket) title mean virtually nothing at the moment.

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