Muhammad Ali | Death Fears Just a Rumor?

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"Muhammad Ali could be dead in days ... he's in God's hands," according to his brother. Rahman Ali, the elder brother of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, recently told The Sun from his apartment in Louisville, KY that his 71 year old brother, affectionately known as "The Greatest"' is 'very sick and in a bad way.'

Muhammad Ali, who turned 71 just two weeks ago, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1984.

The Champ, as his admirers love to call him, remained very active throughout the years.

But Ali's deteriorating health became apparent at his public appearances.

Last summer, Ali was at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London with his wife Lonnie where he looked extremely frail.

The Champ also had a public health scare a few days after he attended former heavyweight champion and fellow legendary boxer Joe Frazier's funeral in 2011 when emergency services had to be called. Ali was treated for dehydration when he collapsed at his estate in Arizona.

Rahman Ali said the last time he saw his brother was at the Sports for Peace Fundraising Ball last July in London. Since then, Rahman claims his sister-in-law and Muhammad's wife of 26 years, Lonnie Ali, refuses to let anyone in Muhammad's family see him.

The brothers, born Cassius and Rudolph Clay, grew up together in Louisville, Kentucky and both became heavyweight prize fighters.

The 72 year old Rahman Ali, who sported a 14-3-1 record as a pro and has had health problems of his own, says he's distraught having been cut from his brothers life. He insists he loves his brother 'above all other' and compares him to Jesus.

Rahman said, "You know the word infinite? That's Ali, he's infinite. His name will last forever."

Already thinking about epitaphs for the Champ's gravestone, Ali's elder brother suggested a quote from Dr Martin Luther King Jr:

"I tried to love somebody; I did try to feed the hungry. I did try, in my life, to cloth those who were naked. I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity."

The Greatest


But Rahman's talk of and preparation for Ali's death may be premature.

Hours after the news spread of Ali's impending demise, the Champ's wife and daughter countered, insisting Rahman's claims were inaccurate.

"All I can tell you is that Muhammad is rooting for the Ravens and Muhammad was completely (taken) with Beyonce," Lonnie told USA TODAY Sports Sunday night.

"His eyes and mouth were wide open, so he's fine."

"It happens every year at this time," Lonnie Ali said of exaggerated claims of Ali's failing health.

ali ravens twitter

She even posted a nearly-live photo of the Champ on Twitter. In the pic, Ali is making two fists (in boxing fashion) sporting a Baltimore Ravens shirt and seemingly relaxed and getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.

One of Ali's daughters, Rasheda, concurred with her stepmother.

"It's a rumor. I just talked to him today and he's fine," Rasheda Ali-Walsh told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday night from her home.

Rahman's declaration about Ali's failing health has caused tremendous widespread concern and sympathy worldwide - Even the office of Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia called multiple times to inquire on Ali's status, according to Mrs Ali.

Main image courtesy of, Muhammad Ali's official site

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