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MX Everlast gloves: Rubio to sport famed 'Puncher's' mittens against Golovkin?

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Via Twitter last night, Everlast announced top-tier middleweight Marco Antonio Rubio will be donning the famed, stylish, custom-designed "MX" gloves.

Everlast MX gloves received a lot of publicity last May when Floyd Mayweather refused to allow Marcos Maidana to wear them for their first bout last Spring.

Are Everlast MX mitts, cushioned by foam and horse hair (instead of just foam), 'puncher's gloves?'

After wearing such gloves, fight legend Juan Manuel Marquez stated earlier this year they can be beneficial to power-punchers like Maidana.

"These gloves are very light and do not have much cushioning. I can feel my knuckles as I hit the bag," Marquez told espndeportes.com.

"You can really feel the knuckles impacting with these gloves."

Although they are, as a whole, approved by Nevada Athletic Commission, the first pair of MX Everlast gloves Maidana presented after the weigh-in for his first bout with Mayweather were not allowed by the commission because the cushion in the knuckle area appeared worn.

The second pair presented by Team Maidana, also MX gloves, were approved by the commission but still not condoned by Mayweather's camp.

"Because Maidana is a very hard hitter, Mayweather would not want Maidana to use these gloves," Marquez uttered.

Maidana can hurt Mayweather with these gloves as there is not a lot of cushioning around the knuckles of these gloves." .

Are they really 'Puncher's Gloves?' And will Marco Antonio Rubio's Everlast MX gloves make a difference tonight?

Genius, three-decade fight trainer James Gogue (center) recently told FightSaga:

James Picture 2

"They ARE 'Puncher's Gloves.'... Hardly any padding except for a little horse hair."

If Rubio scores the upset by knockout or is able to jolt Golovkin a few times, rest-assured 'MX' will be back in the news again.

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