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Ortiz vs Kauffman odds: "Opinions are like ***holes"

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Heavyweight monster Luis Ortiz (29-1, 25 KO) will face Reading, PA native Travis Kauffman (32-2-0-1NC, 23 KO) on the Wilder vs Fury undercard December 1.

Considered the best heavyweight in the world by some a few short years ago, Ortiz was seemingly on the verge of KOing current WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder earlier this year but the latter weathered the storm to rally back and give Ortiz the first defeat of his professional career.

Wilder vs Ortiz confirmed why Luis is one of the most avoided fighters in boxing. He's a southpaw who boasts masterful technique and he possesses good punching power and is very durable. However, as a Cuban he doesn't have a big fanbase so fighters can't get rich facing him.

If there was a way to look up the phrase "too much risk for the reward," you would see a pic of Ortiz next to its meaning.

Nevertheless, Ortiz's next opponent, Travis Kauffman, insists the big Cuban represents and "opportunity" for him to shine against a top 5 heavyweight.

"Ortiz is definitely the most avoided heavyweight out there today, no doubt," Kauffman told BoxingNewsOnline in a recent interview.

"But this is where I come in. I’m not afraid of anyone! These other fighters, these heavyweights, they are afraid to take chances and fight Ortiz. But me, I’m so very confident I can and will beat him. Otherwise I would not have taken the fight."

A veteran of 35 bouts, the 33 year old Kauffman is not to be dealt with lightly, and has shared the ring with Amir Mansour and Chris Arreola.

Ranked No. 15 among Americans (and 65 overall) in the heavyweight division by BoxRec, Kauffman couldn't care less about what oddmakers are saying about his chances to defeat the mighty Cuban.

"... Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and they stink. But it doesn’t bother me when I hear people say Ortiz will beat me, they are supposed to say that."

So what do the Ortiz vs Kauffman odds tell us?

As of November 3, Ortiz is a 1/25 favorite per Paddy Power and betfair while Kaufmann is the 10/1 underdog. Odds for a draw are 33/1.

That's not what Travis wants to hear but he understands Ortiz has a stronger amateur pedigree and has defeated better opponents. Moreover, having fought on HBO and Shwtime, Luis is certainly the bigger name and will be the A-side come December 1.

To that point, Kaufmann, in the recent afforementioned interview, praised the Cuban for his performance against Wilder in February.

"I was impressed at how he stuck to his game plan with [Deontay] Wilder until he got clocked, but he is skilled yes, very, very skilled."

Fast fact: Kauffman has lost just one fight in the last 10 years (Amir Mansour, Majority Decision, Mar 2017) and is 14-1-0-1 NC since October 2009)

"But to me, you’ve got to question [him]. He is very talented and very technical but to me he does pretty much the same thing in each and every fight. And because of [the failed drug tests] you’ve got to question his wins. But today, the problem is, nobody does question anything, because everyone praises a cheater these days."

A veteran of a reported 362 amateur fights, Ortiz sported a 343-19 pre-professional career record, learning his craft from Cuba's top trainers. And yes, he's 39 but might as well be 29 because he turned pro in 2010 and has had only 32 pro fights.

Luis Ortiz can be bad news, as Deontay Wilder would certainly attest. He's big, strong and mean. And did we mention he's a southpaw too?

Fast Fact: Luis Ortiz is ranked No. 8 in the division by BoxRec. (I think he's a solid No. 3 or 4)

Offensively, he may be the closest thing to a young George Foreman since... George Foreman. He's a sharp ring technician with fine punching power and boasts an excellent sense of range and timing.

Credit to Travis Kauffman for taking this fight and being so enthusiastic aboout his chances for the upset.

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