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Oscar De La Hoya: Put some respect on the Golden Boy's name

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During the massive commercial hit presented by "Triller" on Saturday, April 17, Hall of Fame prizefighter Oscar De La Hoya became a trending topic for his controversial commentary throughout the boxing/MMA bout, featuring Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir.
Following his brief stint as a very colorful commentator, boxing's Golden Boy felt the need to issue an apology during a recent appearance on the "DAZN Boxing Show":
“I got a little into it. I started having a couple drinks,” admitted Oscar. “And then they told me, ‘Why don’t you go and commentate?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, man. Okay, okay.'
"I got a little carried away, and I apologize. But it’s all good.  I'm back in beast mode."
According to friend and colleague Mario Lopez, there was really no need for the mass concern or the public apology.
"He was not on anything, or wasn't taking any extracurricular substances," insists the former "Saved by the Bell" actor during his podcast "The 3 Knockdown Rule".  "He's been training and losing a lot of weight.  Oscar just didn't eat that day.  He trained in the morning, then went to play golf before going to the show.  I told him, 'hey, if you haven't eaten, be careful with the drinks; they're going to hit you quick.'  So he only had like maybe three drinks."
"I was right there.  He only had three drinks but they obviously had an effect.  Everyone there was encouraging him to have fun, drink, smoke, do whatever you want.  I like that he let loose and had fun, but he definitely wasn't on anything.  He just had a couple of drinks, but just didn't eat anything."
Although many fighters and concerned observers assumed the worst, largely due to Oscar's admitted struggles with alcohol and substance abuse in the past, Oscar De La Hoya and those close to him insist that there is no need for alarm.  
In fact, Oscar's brother seemed to take great exception to many disrespectful remarks and comments posted on various social media pages during the Triller presentation.
"No need to apologize," Joel De La Hoya stated via Twitter.  "He has busted his a** since age 6 for our entertainment. He didn’t hurt or offend anyone.  He may have been having a bit too much fun(considering event) but that doesn’t mean he’s in a downward spiral. He’s just a goofball once in a while.  He’s paid his dues."
Prolific trainer and respected boxing analyst Stephen "Breadman" Edwards also seemed to take great exception to the mass criticism of the Hall of Fame fighter and boxing promoter, venting his strong opinion via Twitter:
"People laugh at Oscar because of his post boxing issues. But in 96-Chavez, 97-Pea, 99-Ike-Tito, 00-Mosley, 02-Vargas, 03-Mosley, 04-Bhop, 07-Mayweather, 08-Pac. If the top 3 guys in every division now had what Oscar had, we wouldnt have these circus shows. Boxing did this to itself!"
Oscar was indeed an absolute beast in the ring, and earned his-first ballot entry into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York, the hard way.  And at age 48, the Golden Boy is planning to make his return to the ring in July, potentially facing UFC great Georges St. Pierre.  
Coach Edwards is correct when he states the sport of boxing would be much better off if our current crop of young fighters exhibited a fraction of the heart and toughness Oscar displayed while he was an active fighter and champion.
So give the man a break, and put some respect on De La Hoya's name for everything he's given to the sport of boxing as a fighter and promoter!
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