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Pacquiao vs Horn: Aussies getting desperate, invoke Donald Trump in satire video

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Unbeaten Australian boxer Jeff Horn and his team are pulling out all of the stops to secure a superfight showdown with Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane.

Pacquiao vs Horn seemed like a done deal a few weeks ago until Manny's team started negotiating with British star Amir Khan earlier this week. Now, according to rumors, PacMan will likely face the more popular Khan in Abu Dhabi instead Horn in Brisbane.

The quandary for Team Horn: Jeff isn't a big name and, as a result, Manny's team is concerned they’ll get a much better deal for a Khan showdown in the Middle East.

Amir Khan, unlike Horn, is a big name who can generate international interest - and among casual fans. Name recognition in boxing, like politics, means a lot and Amir Khan is easily one of the biggest names in boxing.

So while prospects are looking grim for a Pacquiao vs Horn showdown, the Aussies haven't given up. In fact, they recently used some light-hearted humor hoping to lure Team Pacquiao 'Down Under.'

According to The Courier Mail, in a recent video developed by Team Horn for Team Pacquiao, a mock-up of a Donald Trump tweet reads:

"@mannypacquiao This is the best deal. Believe me. Nobody knows deals better than me. Brisbane’s going to be huge. @jeffhornboxer is tremendous. Unbelievable. NOT SAD!"

We’ve got Government backing for an event to be staged in the best stadium around,’’ Horn said in the video while modified, specially-cut footage of President Trump shows the latter appearing to support Horn's plea.

“What the hell do you have to lose … Manny get the deal done."

If Team Horn's creativity is any reflection of Jeff's prowess in the ring, Manny will certainly have his hands full should he face Horn next.

All kidding aside, Australians wants this fight because they believe showcasing Pacquiao vs Horn would be a large financial win. Government officials in Brisbane are optimistic Pacquiao vs Horn would create economic momentum and help put Brisbane on the global sports map.

“Jeff Horn against Manny Pacquiao at Suncorp Stadium can showcase Brisbane to the world," Dean Lonergan, head of Horm’s promotional team, Duco Promotions, told FightNews.com last month.

"It is a truly global sporting contest pitting one of the greatest boxers in history against a young clean-cut Queensland kid who is a qualified schoolteacher and a great role model for all young Australians."

Should it happen this spring, Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn would likely be the most lucrative fight on Australian soil and the most significant since Jack Johnson lifted the heavyweight title from Tommy Burns in Sydney in 1908.

The satire video is below.

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