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Pacquiao vs McGregor: "It would be like me beating up a kid," insists Mikey Garcia

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Here we go again.

After MMA superstar Conor McGregor made light work of Cowboy Donald Cerrone, stopping him just 40 seconds into round number one in the main event of UFC 246, Manny Pacquiao's manager and matchmaker Sean Gibbons took to his favorite social media page and posted this mock poster of a proposed event to be staged at the brand new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring the Pacman and McGregor.

Pacquiao vs Mcgregor mock fight poster 

When news circulated back to the Irish born fighter, Conor sounded genuinely excited about the idea.

"That's the new football stadium, is it? I would be honored to be a part of that event. ," McGregor stated during the post-fight press conference this past Saturday night. "I would love to be the first combatant to compete in that arena. What a fight that would be against Manny, a small powerful southpaw. We would have to figure out the weight and these types of things, but it's something that interests me no doubt."

When word traveled back to Mikey Garcia yesterday, the four-division world titlist seemed genuinely perturbed.

"Did he say it," asked Mikey Garcia to FightHype.com "If he didn't say it, don't believe it."

"I think his team is just posting stuff...to see what the reaction would be if they were to try and make a fight."

To the dismay of most legitimate and highly ranked prizefighters, the response was overwhelmingly popular.

It's become common knowledge among boxing fans and media members that Mikey and his team have been lobbying for the opportunity to face the future Hall of Famer before he finally decides to hang up his gloves and settle down in his beloved Philippines. Although Garcia scoffed at the idea, it's hard to ignore that a fight with a novice boxer like Conor Mcgregor would be a huge monetary reward for a relatively small risk in the squared circle.

When asked if he would ever seriously consider taking on a UFC star or MMA fighter in a boxing ring under the governing rules of boxing, Mikey gave a very definitive and honest response.

"I would probably do something like that for a charity event. If any money is generated my way, I would probably donate it to a charity." 

"He's not a professional boxer. It would be like me beating up a kid. It's not a true fight. Was Mayweather vs. McGregor a true fight? Honestly, NO. What they did was just a show."

While most in the "boxing know" understood the true nature of the highly publicized "Mayweather vs. McGregor", which took place on August 26th, 2017, many casual and mainstream sports fans bought into the idea of May/Mac being a fair fight. Simply by viewing the betting lines on most race and sports books, many gave McGregor a "fighting chance" to beat the world's most highly regarded boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On the day of the "vaudevillian" event, McGregor's odds shrunk to an incredibly live 4 to 1 (+400) betting underdog, due to the enormous amounts of money being placed on a straight-up Conor McGregor victory. That's how "fooled" the casual and mainstream fight public was leading into the nonsensical affair.

Money Mayweather even had someone from his camp make an individual round bet for a "Mayweather KO in the 10th round" of their scheduled twelve round contest with a Vegas-based sportsbook on the day of the fight.

What was the result? A "shocking" technical stoppage in the tenth stanza.

It was obvious to most boxing fans that Mayweather "carried" Conor McGregor throughout the great majority of the contest, uncharacteristically showing his fans his best imitation of Rocky Marciano...toying with the proud but seemingly oblivious Irish superstar.

The fact that the Nevada State Athletic Commission considered the boxing farce to be a legitimate victory on the record of Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a slap in the face to all legitimate, hard-working fighters in boxing.

Does anyone really want to see another ring legend like Manny Pacquiao tarnish his legacy and reduce himself to a mere circus act as well?

Fight fans would hope that Manny Pacquaio would hold himself to a much higher regard.

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he just jealousssss. Pacman and Notorious will make lotssa $$$$
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Atleast Pacquio gave and will give his fortune for the less fortunate Filipinos. Give house and business and a lot of things to the poor. he's also old and of course would prefer low risk high reward the man has earned it no more to prove. again and again he gave great and memorable can he this time have it for his at a low risk for his health?
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Fighter of the decade
You mean its ok for Floyd Mayweather fighting mcgregor, but not for Pacquiao .

Floyd Mayweather Fighter of the Decade fighting Mcgregor ????????
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