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Pacquiao vs Vargas or Ward vs Kovalev? Who wins the November PPV battle?

Joseph Herron Updated
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With several major events already looming on the PPV horizon, "Joe Fight Fan" is really going to have to dig deep into his pocketbook if he wants to support his beloved boxing...especially during the month of November.

With "Pacquiao vs. Vargas" already scheduled for November 5, and the highly anticipated "Kovalev vs. Ward" slated just two weeks later on November 19, the real bosses of boxing will be looking at an unusually high cable bill this Fall if they choose to endorse both events.

On War a Week Radio, Hall of Fame matchmaker and promoter Don Chargin suggested that fight fans more than likely will not elect to purchase both fight cards. According to the six decade boxing legend, the success of both events will undoubtedly be affected by the crowded PPV schedule.

"It's not good…both events get hurt to a point," stated the knowledgeable fight promoter on Wednesday night's edition of War a Week Radio. "One always gets hurt more than the other, but they both will suffer as a result of staging two PPV events in the same month."

"We're talking about a good chunk of money for most hard-working people…it's a lot to ask of them to support two shows just two weeks apart."

When asked which show would be affected more by the busy Fall PPV schedule, "The Don of Boxing" seemed convinced the match-up with the wider betting line would be hurt worse economically.

"Well I think the Pacquiao fight might suffer the most because you still have the hangover from the Mayweather fight."

"Kovalev/Ward is a fresh match-up and largely viewed as an even money fight. It's very hard to predict the outcome of that one, so I think most die-hard fight fans will choose to purchase the HBO PPV if they had to choose just one."

"Whereas most believe Pacquiao to be the heavy favorite against Jessie Vargas. So Manny's fans are really going to have to carry this event. And because he's going to be in the Philippines during the entire promotion of the show, virtually inaccessible to the major media outlets here in the U.S., it's going to be very difficult to get people excited about this one."

At the time of publication, Manny Pacquiao was listed at (-1000), or a 10 to 1 betting favorite, and Jessie Vargas is currently slated at (+550) or a 5 1/2 to 1 betting underdog. In contrast, "Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev" is almost an even money match-up, with the former Super Middleweight kingpin listed as the slight betting favorite on most Race and Sports Books.

Because both cards will be competing for the fight fans' precious dollar, should interested observers expect to see both respective promoters invest in a more enticing undercard? The Hall of Fame matchmaker and promoter doesn't believe preliminary bouts will make much difference in this scenario.

"If your star bout can't sell the event to the paying customers, the undercard's not going to do it," insists Don Chargin. "So it makes no sense to spend more money on preliminary bouts that ultimately won't attract additional buyers. This is not a good situation for the sport or its fans."

"The only thing a promoter can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

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