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Pacquiao vs. Vargas PPV details to be announced September 8th

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When current WBO Welterweight champion Jessie Vargas received the call from influential manager Cameron Dunkin that we would indeed be receiving the headlining slot for November 5, opposite future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao, he was ecstatic in receiving this seemingly long overdue opportunity.

But when Vargas heard the news that HBO Sports had passed on the option to distribute the 147 pound championship contest, the 27 year old title holder was admittedly baffled by the network's decision.

"I was surprised, because HBO usually televises all of Manny Pacquiao's fights," stated Vargas on Tuesday night's edition of War a Week Radio.

"But it's a business at the end of the day. If they didn't want to take it, that's fine...it's their option. But we're going to show that this event is going to do well, with or without HBO."

Jessie believes it's the gladiators who make the fight, not the platform on which it appears.

"It's going to make good numbers, and we're going to make it entertaining for the fans, to the point that they'll want to see it again and again whenever anyone broadcasts a replay of it. And I'm going to be very happy for the network that eventually has those rights."

Although it's rumored that Bob Arum and Top Rank, Inc. are currently negotiating with several different platforms for distribution rights of Pacquiao vs. Vargas, not even the main event's champion knows exactly where the PPV event will end up.

"I'm not sure just yet. But by the time we officially announce the fight on September 8th, we will have all of that information available to everyone. Maybe they (Top Rank, Inc.) don't have everything finalized just yet, or maybe they just aren't ready to reveal that information to the public. But everything will be announced at the press conference on September 8th."

'But either way, I know the product in the ring will still be the same, and fight fans will be able to order it on PPV exactly the same way...by pressing a button on your remote control at home. So it's not much of a difference."

Although HBO PPV will be distributing "Ward vs. Kovalev" two weeks later, Top Rank remains positive that their product will reflect a customary world-class effort, and a successful promotion. With the addition of Nonito Donaire against Jessie Magdaleno, for "The Filipino Flash's" WBO Super Bantamweight title, everyone affiliated with event is optimistic that the consistent theme of a "Filipino/Mexican" boxing rivalry will attract fight fans from both the mainstream and die-hard levels.

Vargas promises all fight fans who choose to purchase the November 5th PPV event that they won't be disappointed and will ultimately be pleased with their investment.

"The networks don't dictate the outcome of the fight...the fighters do," stated Jessie Vargas to War a Week Radio. "We're the ones who take the punishment. No matter what network this event is attached to, Pacquiao and I are the fighters and are the ones who will be putting everything on the line to entertain the fans."

"Without the gladiators, there isn't a fight. And I promise, anyone who purchases this PPV event will see a very entertaining and action filled fight."

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