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Ronnie Shields: “It doesn’t make any sense for Pacquiao to work with Rigondeaux in preparation for Mayweather”

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“The dogs bark, and the caravan keeps moves on” - Old Persian proverb

Currently being circulated around the internet is the rumor that Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach has procured the services of Guillermo Rigondeaux to help his super star fighter, Manny Pacquiao, prepare for his May 2 opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although the Filipino Congressman and the undefeated, Cuban champion shared the Wildcard Gym during the first quarter of 2010, while Pacquiao was preparing for Joshua Clottey, elite level trainer Ronnie Shields doesn’t believe the latest gossip currently floating around the social network, and feels this move wouldn’t be very beneficial to Manny’s current preparation for Floyd Jr.

“This makes no sense,” professes the Houston, Texas based fight trainer.

“First of all, Rigondeaux is a southpaw. Also, Guillermo is only 5’4” tall. Those two factors alone make this somewhat counterproductive when trying to prepare for Floyd Mayweather Jr.”

While many critics and pundits have stated that working with the 122 pound champion could help Manny’s eyes get adjusted to the speed, movement, and reflexes of Floyd Mayweather Jr. before fight night, Coach Ronnie believes too many are making too much of the sparring issue.


“All you need is sparring, period,” states the astute boxing coach.

“Work in the gym is work in the gym. Either you know how to fight, or you don’t."

"And the last time I checked, both Manny and Floyd know how to fight. Manny’s going to do what he does on fight night, and Floyd is going to do what he does on May 2.”



“Most of what everyone is going to hear come out of either camp from now until May 2 is going to be for the benefit of hyping the event, nothing more.”

The experienced boxing mentor also discounts the credibility of recent allegations made by Pacquiao head trainer, Freddie Roach.

“I don’t know why Freddie is making these claims of Al Haymon poaching sparring partners for Manny, and offering them more money not to report to the Wildcard Gym. That’s just ridiculous.”

“I’ve heard of two opponents trying to get the same sparring partner and offering to pay them more money, but I’ve never heard of anyone offering a fighter more money not to spar with an opposing fighter. No one does that in boxing.”

“When Canelo was training for a fight with Erislandy Lara, their team hired Chris Pearson, another fighter signed with Al Haymon, to spar with Alvarez, and no one did anything to keep Chris from working. That just doesn’t happen in boxing.”

“I think they’re just putting that out there for the media, or a potential excuse in case they lose or something, because it really doesn't make any sense otherwise.”

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