Roy Jones Jr walk: He’s 51 not 81

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In an exhibition of boxing legends, Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones, Jr, 51, fought to a draw last night.

It was as good as anyone could have expected as both men showcased a few of their signature moves from the past and landed decent shots over eight 2-minute rounds.

They didn’t try to knockout each other yet weren’t playing pattycake either.

Tyson, who dictated the pace in most of the rounds, appeared to be holding back a little more.

Perhaps the most surprising observation was Roy Jones’s walk. His ring walk raised a few eyebrows, and earlier footage of Jones exiting his dressing room was even more riveting.

Jones walks like an old man.

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until I read fans’ comments on Twitter.

Tyson looked spry in and out of the ring but Roy, in normal walking, looked more like Fred Sanford than a 51 year old fight legend.

However, he was able to move and bounce fairly well when engaged in combat.

roy jones walk
Overall, Roy Jones showcased fine footwork and decent speed, effectively slipping and delivering shots at angles on occasion. 

He even got into a rhythm or sorts as the fight progressed, dancing and showboating while landing sporadic jabs flush to Tyson’s face.

But, again, what can explain his walk?

Was there an injury we didn’t know about?

Was he super stiff from a lack of stretching?

Does he have arthritis? 

Were his shoes a size or two too tight?

Perhaps all the years in the gym have taken a toll on the great legend? Keep in mind, Jones was a little boy when he started boxing competitively and didn’t retire until he was 49. Maybe Jones’s body is simply worn out from the many years of wear and tear?

And maybe, just maybe, many of us over-focused on Jones’s walking because we’re so used to seeing him move about as if he were gliding on ice skates.

In his heyday, Roy’s freakish reflexes and rhythm, and natural athleticism were second to none. He would have easily taken center stage on a Soul Train episode.

Will Jones fight again?

Hopefully not. He certainly has nothing left to prove.

Of the two 50-somethings, the older Tyson definitely looked the less worse for wear and could probably beat most of the 1,442 active professional heavyweights.

What are your thoughts on Mike and Roy?

Jones dominated the boxing scene from 1993 to 2004 and was an exceptional multi-talented fighter with incredible speed, explosiveness and technical prowess.

The consensus Fighter of the 1990s, Roy Jones, Jr has won world titles at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight, and is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters ever.

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