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Running | Better Than Cycling and Walking for Exercise and Fitness?

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Most boxers use running to enhance their cardio and improve endurance.

Referred to as "roadwork," some say it is the most vital part of a fighter's training regimen.

It's not uncommon for top-level boxers to run early in the morning, leaving the afternoon and evening open for bag work, calisthenics and sparring.

In most countries, running, walking and cycling are three of the most popular "mainstream" fitness endeavors.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed that roughly 1.5 million Australian men walked for fitness purposes, compared with 2.8 million women. Almost 876,000 men bicycled for exercise, while 775,000 jogged. And 585,000 females jogged compared versus 491,000 men who rode bikes for fitness.

Walking, Cycling or Jogging?  Which is best for burning calories and getting in shape?

Recently, Professor David Bishop, research leader at Victoria University's Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, insisted running/jogging burns more energy than walking aand cycling because runners repeatedly lift the entire weight of their body off the ground.

In addition, running appears to be the simplest, lowest maintenance, mainstream way to burn calories and increase endurance.

While walking is attractive and relatively easy, its time consuming to achieve desired results from simply walking. At least 1-2 hours of walking on a stable, flat surface is needed to burn-off a fair amount of calories. And as for biking, running is less costly and technical than cycling and far less dangerous.

"You don't have to go out and buy equipment or learn the techniques of riding and you won't have a massive impact on your day by going out on long walks," said Australian Institute of Sport senior sports scientist David Martin.

He added, "...the thing about cycling is it's usually done on the road."

"Since I started working with elite cyclists in 1994, I've been involved with five cyclists who have died."

In Boxing Too?

According to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, if only one exercise were allowed in a boxer's regimen, it would be jogging/running. 

It enhances leg strength, lung capacity and, of course, endurance - Three elements crucial for helping boxers get into fighting shape quickly and efficiently.

In boxing, there is no replacement for running.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all and even elite fighters can be outshined if their conditioning is suspect.

Although running/jogging can lead to stress related injuries, it appears to be the simplest, least expensive, most efficient way to burn calories and get in shape quickly... For boxers and non-pugilists alike.

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