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Saul Alvarez: Could Adrien Broner be a potential opponent for Canelo at 160 pounds?

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Who's Next for Canelo?

As Golden Boy Promotions and DAZN currently scour the boxing universe for Canelo's next dance partner, fight fans are scratching their collective heads wondering who at 168 pounds could potentially "fit the bill".

According to most interested observers and critics, Alvarez wouldn't be able to comfortably campaign at 160 pounds any further after blowing up 15 pounds in his most recent effort against Sergey Kovalev this past November. Despite winning the Russian fighter's WBO Light Heavyweight title, Team Alvarez has insisted that fighting at 175 pounds isn't an option for his next DAZN appearance.

Unfortunately, there are very few fighters currently competing in the Super Middleweight division that would generate a ton of interest in the American fight market during his preferred fight date of Cinco de Mayo weekend or May 2nd.

And unless Saul Alvarez would be willing to travel to jolly old England to take on 168-pound titleholders, BJ Saunders or Callum Smith, a pairing with either man would barely move the needle in the US. and wouldn't be as lucrative as it deserved.

Regrettably, the match-up that probably made the most sense for Team Canelo monetarily at this time, a fight with WBA "Regular" Middleweight champ Ryota Murata, was just scrapped due to money and weight issues.

And despite still having unfinished business with longtime nemesis Gennady Golovkin at 160 pounds, a third huge money fight is out of the question, according to Alvarez and his team.

So who would be the most lucrative and sensible option available for May 2nd event opposite Saul Alvarez?

Keep in mind, the fight has to make sense for all parties involved, including and especially DAZN, who have already guaranteed Canelo a hefty $32 million per outing.

We'll get back to the Canelo "opponent" issue in just a moment.

Adrien Broner and Devin Haney feuding on social media

Can Adrien Broner make 135 pounds any longer

In other unrelated but interesting boxing news, Adrien Broner and current WBC Lightweight titleholder Devin Haney have been "verbally sparring" on Twitter, mindlessly yapping about a "catchweight" match that will never happen.

AB recently posted the following message on his verified account: "Listen man, give me $20 million and I will make 135 pounds and knock Devin Haney the f*** out!"

Haney responded: "Come on, Big Bro, don't price yourself out!"

Oy Vey!!

First of all, "Broner vs Haney" wouldn't be worth $2 million, much less $20 mill...and secondly, does anyone really think Haney would be comfortable competing at a catchweight of 147 pounds currently? It remains the only weight division Broner is able to make these days. Even when Adrien is able to dehydrate himself to make the Welterweight division limit, he ends up being so depleted physically that he isn't able to throw more than 15 punches per round.

It's no surprise that AB needs money at the current time, as his recent post on Instagram illustrates:

Adrien Broner reaching out for help on Instagram


So here it goes...

Why not stage a huge money fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Adrien Broner at 160 pounds on May 2nd at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Of course, it sounds ridiculous but fight fans have witnessed stranger match-ups on the biggest stages of the sport.

Has anyone been able to forget Mayweather vs. McGregor yet? Most are still trying.

Canelo Alvarez needs a lucrative dance partner for Cinco de Mayo weekend, and Adrien Broner needs money...problem solved.

Most seem to believe Saul isn't capable of making 160 pounds any longer, and they might be correct. But for the chance to KO Adrien Broner on May 2nd, Alvarez just might be willing to try.

The lazy loud-mouth from Cincy wouldn't have to struggle to make weight, and Canelo would be able to present DAZN with a lucrative match-up, that might actually make the streaming network a healthy return on their investment for once.

Think about it...the Middleweight division limit is only 13 pounds north of 147, and would still be lighter than AB's "walk-around" weight between fights.

And let's be honest...who wouldn't love to see "the can-man" get stretched by Canelo Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo weekend?

Please let FightSaga.com know what you think about "Canelo vs. Broner at 160" in the comment section below, and remember...be honest as to whether or not you'd be willing to pay to see Alvarez potentially send "About Billions" into early retirement on DAZN!


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