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Sylvester Stallone endorses Manny Pacquiao's opponent?

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On Thursday, November 6, Top Rank, Inc. staged a media event in Los Angeles, California, before WBO Junior Welterweight Chris Algieri departs to Macau, China for his date with eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao on November 22.

After a five minute presentation showcasing Algieri’s improbable path of progress, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum introduced the man responsible for inventing the iconic “Rocky” character, Sylvester Stallone, to say a few words about the fighter listed as a 7 to 1 underdog.

“It’s amazing when art imitates life, and in this case life imitates art,” stated the famed actor, director, and producer.

“And somewhere in between, there’s Chris Algieri. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned…I think we have the birth of a new star in boxing.”

Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York, in 2011, for his portrayal of the fictional fighter from Philly. The “Rocky” cinematic series has become adored by millions for showcasing the beauty and drama of the sweet science on the silver screen.

The 68 year old actor eluded to the parallels between his creation and the Huntington, New York native.

“He’s really been provided with this extraordinary challenge, which creates this Cinderella story. It’s always great to say that ‘Rocky’ really happened in reality. I guess you’re about to see it," Stallone added.

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum also had great things to say about the talented Junior Welterweight Champion.

“When we found out what kind of person he was, and what his back story was, we didn’t hesitate to help publicize his career. Algieri is an unbelievable story. Unlike any fighter that I know, he has an impressive and extensive education with aspirations of eventually becoming a doctor. You just don’t see that in boxing.”

“He’s tremendously well spoken, he’s a good looking guy, a great amount of physical and mental durability inside the ring, so it’s very easy to promote a fighter like Chris Algieri. People just weren’t aware of this kid, and now they are.”

“Publications like the ‘New Yorker’ are covering this kid, and they never do stories on boxers or the sport of boxing. As far as I know, they haven’t featured a fighter since Muhammad Ali. That really says something.”

Although Chris understands all of the attention he’s currently receiving won’t amount to much without an impressive showing against one of the best fighters of this era, the 30 year old med student is confident that he can capture Pacquiao’s 147 pound title.

“I’m a confident guy to begin with, and I was raised that way,” states Chris Algieri. “People who know me best and truly know boxing understand that this is a real fight, and that this is the nature of the sport. This is the young lion versus the old lion. Manny’s been here for a while, and I ultimately want to be where he’s at."

That’s what this fight is all about
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