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The Week in Boxing June 25, 2018 - Bernie's Rant

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Terence Crawford and Crooked Mechanics
Is Terence Crawford recognized as the "Peoples Champion"?

Several years ago, he was arrested and apparently served 30 days in jail for disorderly conduct and property damage after he allegedly refused to pay for alleged shoddy work done on his car. Following the melee, the car shop owner complained his car lift was badly damaged and wanted restitution for the work done. 

In my opinion he took it on the chin for all of us. I admire that type of chutzpa. How many of these crooked body shops make out like bandits colluding with insurance companies, charging exorbitant rates for minimal overhead and expenses, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Kudos for Mr. Crawford.

Young Lion Tony Yoka
Tony Yoka 5-0 (4), 2016 Olympic Gold Medal winner from France, was in action over the past weekend fighting Brit David Allen 13-4-2, knocking him out in the final stanza of a ten round affair in Paris. He clearly needs work. He boasts a superb jab but has a head hunter mentality. Hence, he rarely goes to the body. He is also susceptible to counters.

The Genuis of Broner
In my opinion, Adrien Broner is the most popular American Boxer and meal ticket in the US today. When he fights, it's a "happening event" as throngs of loyal fans fill arenas wherever he goes. He is an extremely good self-promoter and is wise beyond his years.

With all the negative publicity surrounding his alter ego, including the thug label by the media, the real AB seems to be a humble guy with a great sense of humour.

Detroit's Masonic Hall
There was an insignificant championship fight at the Masonic Hall in Detroit Friday night.

I spoke with Heavyweight contender Andy Ruiz yesterday and he told me once he fought there against veteran Ray Austin. He described the place as an "old school" movie theater where they set up a ring inside. The building is about 100 years old and holds about a couple of thousand people.

How quaint?

Taylor vs Postol
Scottish Phenom Josh Taylor 13-0 (11) scored a UD victory over former Jr Welterweight Champion Viktor Postol 29-2 (12). The fight was extremely close until Taylor sealed the victory with a knockdown in the 10th and final round. The judges scored some home cooking and had Taylor considerably ahead in the fight.

Tyson Fury.... Seriously?
If you think Fury will make a dramatic comeback and fully regain the fighting prowess he onece had, Tyson isn't the only person who needs their head examined.

Tyson Fury's 100 lb weight gain was due, unequivocally, to the psychotropic medicine that he may have been treated with. And guess what? He could still be on the stuff.

Psychotropic medication causes irreparable damage to the central nervous system often resulting in body command and reflex impairment, even administered in the short run. Not only is the weight gain an obvious side effect, it was evident in his performance. He was slow and couldn’t utilize his left hook without power and command.

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