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  • Tim Bradley: "I hope Manny Pacquiao throws over 100 punches per round"

Tim Bradley: "I hope Manny Pacquiao throws over 100 punches per round"

Joseph Herron Updated
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At the media workout in Los Angeles, California, which took place last week, Manny Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach didn't attempt to hide the idea that the Pacman's fight strategy on Saturday, April 12th, was to be aggressive and throw over 100 punches per round. When Tim Bradley heard the Pacquiao game plan, the Palm Springs resident began to smile.

"I hope that's what he tries to do," stated the current WBO Welterweight Champion.

"He might start out fighting that way. But when you let your hands go that often in the ring, you create a lot of openings for someone who knows how to throw counters."

"Most fighters don't like to throw that many punches at this level because they'll get hit upside the head with a hard counter."

After facing both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in consecutive years, the athletically gifted fighter reflects on which style was more difficult to deal with in the ring.

"Both fighters are really good in their own way and they bring different elements to the ring," professes Tim Bradley. "Marquez is a much smarter fighter in my opinion. Pacquiao is much busier and will keep you tense and on your toes."

"When fighting Marquez, you have to be very cautious at all times throughout the entire fight because he'll make you pay as soon as you make a mistake. With Manny, he keeps moving from side to side, shifting back and forth, keeping you at angles...plus he's a southpaw."

"So in my opinion, Manny is more difficult to deal with in the ring."

When asked about his bizarre and somewhat uncouth "no shower" pre-fight ritual, Tim opened up and explained why he initially implemented the unorthodox fight week routine.

"I'll take a shower right after the weigh in, and on the day of the fight, but not before," declares the 30 year old fighter. "I started avoiding showers before the weigh in because I was worried that it would help me gain water weight while I was trying to make weight."

"That's the way I've always done it and that's what I do. It's a little bit disgusting, but it's always worked for me."

The current champ also assures his fans that he will indeed be wearing socks during tomorrow night's fight with Manny at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

"I'll be wearing my typical Nike's, but I'll be wearing some Nike socks along with them this time. I tried it last time and it didn't work out, so I'll be wearing socks on April 12th. I learned my lesson."

"I can't wait for this fight!"

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