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Trainer Ronnie Shields: "Freddie Roach owes Floyd Mayweather Jr. an apology."

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There’s promotion, and then there’s degradation.

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach’s latest aspersions against the character of his fighter’s May 2 opponent clearly fall under the category of the latter.

In a recent interview with Martin Rogers of USA Today, the seven-time trainer of the year took several cheap shots at Floyd Mayweather Jr. while attempting to promote the highly anticipated showdown with Manny Pacquiao.

“Manny is really against domestic violence,” stated Freddie Roach to USA Today.

“It is a big issue maybe in the Philippines for him, and being a Congressman he can control some of that stuff."

"That is a big plus for me that Manny doesn’t like the guy. I think the killer instinct is going to come back a lot faster.”


“It’s really hard to say these things in public but I know (Mayweather) is a bad guy. (I see the fight as) good against evil…yes. I have even thought about bringing a couple of metro cops from Vegas in to tell Manny how many times (Mayweather) has been arrested and how bad of a guy he is, but I decided I can’t go that far.”

The candid and controversial commentary was ostensibly stated by the renowned and respected boxing coach in an effort to publicize the high priced PPV event. But according to elite level trainer Ronnie Shields, the comments were in very poor taste and were unnecessary.

“This kind of pre-fight banter is potentially damaging to the sport of boxing,” claims the former trainer of Iron Mike Tyson. “That kind of trash talk doesn’t bring a very good image to the sport. It potentially drives away mainstream fans and corporate sponsorship for the events and the fighters.”

“Yes, everyone is well aware of what Floyd Mayweather has done in the past…it’s been well documented. But he served his time and he’s paid his debt to society.

"He didn’t have to bring this up."

"Everyone has already chosen sides going into this event, so he’s not saying anything that’s going to make this match-up more enticing to the mainstream sports fan. If anything, his comments could possibly push them away.”

“You don’t hear Floyd bringing up Manny’s past mistakes. It would be wrong and it would serve no purpose, just like Freddie is wrong in this scenario.”


“In my opinion, Freddie Roach owes Floyd Mayweather Jr. an apology.”

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