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Triple G vs Daniel Jacobs preview: "Perfect time to make this fight"

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Saturday, March 18, one of the most feared punchers in the fight game, Gennady Golovkin, will enter the ring once again and attempt to keep his perfect resume intact as he defends his coveted 160 pound championships against arguably the next best Middleweight in the division, Daniel Jacobs.

Exactly how feared is the pugilist most affectionately known as "Triple G", and how great exactly is his punching ability?

Head trainer Abel Sanchez insists that his talented Kazakh champ does indeed possess more natural power in both hands than any current Light Heavyweight fighter, including Adonis Stevenson, Sergey Kovalev, or Artur Beterbiev.|

To gain some insight and a professional perspective on the bold claim, former two division world champion and expert commentator Paulie Malignaggi recently shared his thoughts with ESNews online.

"Well, Abel works the pads with Triple G and takes shots while wearing the body pad from Golovkin, so if anyone truly knows how hard he actually punches, it's Abel," states the always candid, former titlist. "I've also heard some nightmare stories about Triple G and the punching power he has, so I'm not someone who's going to say that his claim isn't true."

"I believe that stuff...I see the way he's been getting these knock-outs. Even when he doesn't land cleanly, he's still putting guys to sleep, so there could be some real truth to what he's saying."

Although fight fans won't catch the "Magic Man" refuting the "Paul Bunyanesque" gym stories which precede Triple G's already intimidating persona, the lifetime ring technician views the claim from a seemingly appropriate angle.

"Look, we're all human beings," states Paulie Malignaggi. "We all bleed...we all breathe the same air. And at the end of the day, no matter how powerful a guy's offense is, any fighter can be hurt if he gets hit."

Golovkin's opponent this St. Patrick's Day weekend currently enjoys a similar knock-out percentage (88%) as the heavily favored reigning champion. Malignaggi believes Jacobs' power and athletic boxing ability makes the HBO PPV match-up a very intriguing contest.

"Kell Brook, Golovkin's last opponent, somewhat laid out the blueprint on how to beat Triple G," claims the Brooklyn based commentator.

"I believe Jacobs possesses those same kinds of skills...sharp, athletic, power puncher. But can you pull it off on fight night with the hype and nervousness that comes with a fight of this nature? Can Danny react the way he needs to on big fight night?"

How and in what way should the heavy betting underdog "react" in order to be successful against Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin?

Malignaggi expounded on his statement to ESNews.


Triple G vs Jacobs
Date: March 18, 2017
Venue/Location: Madison Sqaure Garden, NYC
Broadcast: PPV (U.S.)

Division: Middleweight
Titles: IBF, WBA and WBC (Golovkin defending); WBA (Jacobs defending)


"If you notice in Brook fight, Kell came out sharpshooting and firing right away. I don't think you can get on your back foot with Triple G, because he will cut off the ring, and he's so good at cutting off the ring while putting his opponents in bad positions, and he's going to hit you. And when he starts hitting you, he doesn't have to hit you very much to end the fight."

"But Jacobs does have the potential to make the fight interesting. If you have the power and athleticism of a Danny Jacobs, you come out firing. He has the speed, he has the sharpness, and Triple G still doesn't move his head enough as he's trying to cut off the ring and close the distance. He can be hit. He showed that in his last fight with Kell Brook."

So does the Magic Man believe that the fellow NYC native can pull off the dramatic upset this Saturday night in front of his hometown fans?

"I'm not saying Jacobs wins the fight," admits the professional sports analyst. "But I believe he does have the speed to get off first, the sharpness and accuracy to land, and the intelligence to put together effective combinations which could have a very positive reaction from his opponent."

"This is a very nice fight...both men are seemingly at the top of their game...perfect time to make this fight happen...let's see how it turns out!"

Fight fans can purchase the live event this Saturday night on HBO PPV or view the undertaking online for $64.99.

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