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Wilder vs Fury 2 predictions: "It'll be one-sided," insists Hopkins

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On February 22, WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder will face self-proclaimed lineal champion Tyson Fury in a rematch of their December 2018 bout which was ruled a draw.

Who is believed to have the edge?
Online sportsbook BetOnline has Fury as the slim -125 favorite for this rematch with Wilder coming back at +105.

Although their first encounter was a fun, competitive affair, most seemed to think Fury had done enough to win. He moved and boxed well and had Wilder missing consistently. However, he was floored twice and Wilder needed both knockdowns to get a draw and retain his heavyweight title.

So, who do you like?

Fury vs Wilder 2 prediction
Earlier this week, SecondsOut's Radio Rahim caught up with fight legend Bernard Hopkins who shared his thoughts on the fight.

Referring to Fury as the 'best technical heavyweight in the game,' Rahim seemed a bit caught off guard by the legend's thoughts about Wilder vs Fury 2.

"When you look at Fury, where is the credit... other than showing the ability and heart not to get discouraged and barely beating the count... It's a victory for Fury that he survived and Wilder slacked up in the later championship rounds."

"TAKE THAT AWAY [and] Wilder was winning the fight pretty easily to me!"

Wilder vs Fury 2 (Fight Page)
WBC/RING Magazine Heavyweight Titles
February 22, 2020
MGM Grand Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Showtime PPV / FOX PPV

"What can happen the second fight after knowing you've [already] been in there with a guy.... It'll be one-sided. It'll be very calculated."

Looking surprised, the esteemed Rahim queried, "You mean one-sided for Wilder? [So], You felt he was winning the first fight all the way till the 12th?"

"Yes," Hopkins reiterated.

"I know you probably think different," a smiling Hopkins told Rahim who looked at BHOP curiously.

fury vs wilder 2 prediction

Defending his prediction, Hopkins exclaimed,"You're gonna see [in] the second fight where Wilder [will have] a killer instinct and [will] finish him, which he knows he didn't do the first time."

Hopkins also insisted Fury's ability to survive was a victory in itself for the Brit.

Bernard likes Fury's charisma and insisted the Brit is the best salesman since Muhammad Ali. However, the boxing great is not impressed with Tyson Fury's ring prowess, adding, "I think Gerry Cooney was a little bit better."

"I will not do interviews for a year [if Fury beats Wilder]," a smiling Hopkins uttered.

"Anyone who knows me knows it's very hard to keep my mouth shut. There's gonna have to be a lot of duct tape everywhere I sit," he jokingly quipped.

To clarify, Hopkins meant he 'wouldn't give interviews with anyone else except Radio Rahim' for an entire year should Fury be triumphant.

Although most seemingly thought Fury deserved the nod, Hopkins is not alone in thinking Wilder should have won.

"I went back and rescored the fight," famed Fight trainer Joe Goossen told Premier Boxing Champions. 

"I unemotionally looked at the fight, picked it apart, hit the rewind, stopped, made notes, and I think Deontay won the fight."

"I think Fury said it best at the press conference. He said, 'Look, I was too defensive, I didn't punch enough, and I didn't hit hard enough.' I agree with all three of those things and that's why I gave a lot of the rounds to Wilder because he was the aggressor."

"It's one thing to be effective if you're boxing like Fury, but he wasn't counterpunching and doing any damage."

(Disclaimer: Joe Goossen currently works with PBC as a color commentator)

That stated, most will insist the onus will be on Wilder to make the adjustments to a) overcome Fury's telephone-pole jab and the right hand from long range and b) the Brit's combination of overall size and agility (more specifically, Fury's head and foot movement).

Deontay missed all night with his big right hand, arguably the most dangerous weapon in the sport.

Moreover, Wilder abandoned the jab minutes into the bout and seemed to have no Plan B when his right hand bombs were missing the target.

How did you score the first fight and what's your prediction for the rematch?

What will Wilder and Fury have to do to win the second fight?

Wilder vs Fury 2 Expert Predictions

Official Wilder vs Fury 2 FightSaga Page

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