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Wladimir Klitschko to face Shannon Briggs in comeback?

Joseph Herron Updated
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After years of public embarrassment, boorishly begging Hall of Fame Heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko for a big money opportunity in the ring, it seems that 49 year old Brooklynite, Shannon Briggs, may have finally received his wish.
In a recent interview with "Toe2Toe" Boxing on Sky Sports, the former two-time Heavyweight titlist made the surprising claim that he and Dr. Steelhammer have agreed to compete in what would be a "comeback" fight for both men. 
"Just today, I accepted to fight Wladimir Klitschko in his comeback fight," states Shannon Briggs.  "You're the first person to know this.  My wife doesn't even know this yet."
"I swear to God, on my mother's grave...I'm knocking out Klitschko!  You heard it first!"
Although Shannon's declaration has yet to be confirmed, video footage was leaked several months ago, showing the 45 year old Ukraine native training and sparring in the gym.  
The younger Klitschko officially announced his retirement from the sport of boxing shortly after suffering a TKO loss to current champ Anthony Joshua in April of 2017, but looks to be in tremendous shape currently.
To support Briggs' allegation, Wladimir (64-5, 53 KO's) has publicly dropped hints of a possible return during various interviews over the last several years, in which the former champ has shown interest in breaking George Foreman's longstanding record as the oldest man to become Heavyweight champion at age 45.
“There is going to be no 'comeback' to come back and to break a jaw," Klitschko told Business Insider in 2019.  "It’s a comeback to break a record."  
"Is it appealing?  I would say yeah, it’s pretty cool. George Foreman did it. He was 45, I believe, when he became champion, and it’s a pretty cool statement.  Will I come back just to come back in the sport? No. No interest." 
"But to break the record? Extravaganza!”
Have years of lobbying for a big-time fight opposite Wladimir Klitschko finally paid off for Shannon Briggs?
Most critics believed the American's tiresome campaign of "Let's Go, Champ" did more harm than good in securing a prizefight with the popular Kiev, Ukraine, resident.
For over half a decade, Briggs would randomly appear uninvited at restaurants, press conferences, gyms, and parks, pestering Wladimir Klitschko while screaming, "Let's Go, Champ!  Let's Go, Champ,"  with no apparent success. 
But now, the 49 year old New Yorker claims he'll finally tangle with the 6'6" Ukrainian.  According to Shannon, he intends to spoil Wlad's dream of breaking Foreman's heavyweight record.
"I'm going to ruin that for him," Briggs stated in a March interview to WAXY Radio in South Miami, Florida.  "He's never going to become heavyweight champion again.  So if you're a fan of his, you might as well give that up."
"It's not happening."
Hopefully fans will get to find out later this year.
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