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Civil Trial Over Gatti Estate to Precede Revelations from Death Investigation

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The Associated Press reports today that a civil trial over the multimillion-dollar estate of late boxing champion Arturo Gatti will proceed next Tuesday.

The Gatti family has expressed their desire the case not occur until the results of a recently concluded investigation into the death of boxing legend Arturo Gatti are formally revealed. The Gatti family and Gatti's widow, Amanda Rodrigues, who had been held in suspicion of murder in the case, are contesting the disposition of the estate.

The AP report states, "A Quebec judge presiding over the civil case on Friday denied a delay requested by Gatti's family. They wanted the trial to start after the results are released next week in New Jersey."

Gatti's 2009 death in the Brazilian resort, Porto de Galihnas, has been ruled a suicide, but early word on the investigation is that Gatti met with foul play. This conforms to an initial official hypothesis that Gatti was murdered. Authorities in Brazil had held Gatti's wife in relation to this hypothesis, but released her from custody, saying an autopsy indicated suicide.



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