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Sergio Martinez: "Chavez Jr. Will Never be Ready to Fight Me"

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On Saturday night, November 19th, at the Reliant Arena in Houston, TX, WBC Middleweight title holder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. defeated perennial contender Peter Manfredo Jr, in what most consider to be Junior's finest performance to date.

Chavez Jr. stopped the former "Contender" star in the fifth round of their entertaining Championship bout.

While many ringside observers were impressed with the definitive victory, "Pound for Pound" fighter Sergio Martinez (48-2-2, 28 KO) spoke with Middleweight Contender Alfonso "El Tigre" Lopez after the fight, and offered his critique of the 25 year old fighter's performance:

Lopez: Were you impressed with Chavez' performance tonight?

Martinez: I believe this was Chavez' best performance, just as the rest of the world believes as well.

Lopez: Now, they're saying that Chavez Jr. will be able to fight you within a year. Do you think Chavez Jr. will be ready to fight you within a year?

Martinez: Julio Cesar Chavez will never be ready to fight me. It's a lie. He's a World Champion and he is obligated to fight the challenger. It's a lie. If he doesn't fight the challenger, it's just a straight lie.

Earlier this year, Sergio Martinez was slated to defend his WBC belt against German middleweight Sebastian Zbik, who at the time was the Middleweight kingpin's WBC mandatory opponent.

HBO would not approve Zbik as a viable opponent for Martinez, so the Argentine fighter decided to relinquish his WBC Middleweight title to fight WBO Junior Middleweight Champion Sergiy Dzinziruk on the March 12th network date.

Three months later, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was given the opportunity to face Sebastian Zbik for Sergio's vacated WBC Middleweight title on HBO's Boxing After Dark.

Although Martinez is the universally recognized Middleweight Champion and the WBC's recognized Middleweight Diamond Belt Champion, the 36 year old fighter is justified in feeling slighted about having to surrender his title under such unconventional circumstances.

Although the Argentine sharp shooter feels that a bout with Chavez Jr. should be deemed necessary by all appropriate parties involved, Martinez and his promoter DiBella Entertainment are focused on moving forward in securing the biggest possible fights.

On St. Patrick's Day of 2012, Sergio Martinez is scheduled to fight either Matthew Macklin or Andy Lee, two Irish born combatants.

On Saturday night, Sergio gave Middleweight Contender Alfonso Lopez his opinion on who he feels he'll be facing on March 17th.

Lopez: March 17th is the date of your next fight. Who would you prefer to fight, Macklin or Andy Lee?

Martinez: More than likely, Matthew Macklin is who I'll end up fighting.

Also, according to Kevin Rooney Jr. of DiBella Entertainment, the promotional group has been speaking with Floyd Mayweather Jr. about a possible megafight with "Maravilla" Martinez on May 5th.

"A possible bout with Mayweather is currently being discussed to be held at a catch-weight of 150 lbs. One of the stipulations Mayweather is currently requesting is a weight ceiling of 164 pounds, which was the weight of Victor Ortiz on their respective fight night. Of course we're fine with that. We're currently waiting to hear back from Team Mayweather."

The Middleweight Champ gave Lopez his thoughts about an upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Lopez: Now, what about Floyd Mayweather? Are you interested in a fight with Floyd Mayweather?

Martinez: Of course. That would be the most important fight of my life, and I would love to fight Floyd Mayweather.

A video of the interview is below. would like to extend a special thanks to Alfonso "El Tigre" Lopez and Felix Ramirez for conducting the interview with Sergio Martinez. Lopez is currently scheduled to face Dyah Davis on ESPN's Friday Night Fights season opener, which is set to take place on January 6th in Key West, Florida.

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