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Guerrero to Floyd Mayweather Jr: "Step up Punk"

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Robert Guerrero is livid.

Floyd Mayweather Jr (42-0, 26 KOs) was recently quoted as saying he wouldn't be fighting Robert Guerrero (29-1-1, 18 KOs) anytime soon. To add insult to injury, Mayweather claimed he didn't know who 'The Ghost' Guerrero was.

"I was the co-feature on one of his Pay Per View events, so he knows full well who I am. That's a lie. Step up punk," said Robert Guerrero earlier today.

A fighter of Mexican decent, Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero is a former super featherweight world champion, former two-time featherweight world champion and has held interim world titles at lightweight. He has also been on many boxing writers' short list of possible opponents for Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 5th -  the date Mayweather himself set aside last November for his next fight. Many critics applauded Mayweather's decision as a bout with a Mexican fighter on the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo would add even more excitement, intrigue and drama to the event. 

Also on writers' 'unofficial' lists are Mexicans Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KO) and Eric Morales (52-7, 36 KO). Morales is slotted to defend his WBC Jr Welterweight title March 24th against his mandatory opponent, Danny Garcia, and six weeks wouldn't be enough time to prepare for Mayweather should Morales be victorious. And Saul Alvarez is arguably boxing's fastest rising star but many believe the 21 year old is too green to face the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr. As a result, Robert Guerrero believes he's Floyd Mayweather's only option if 'Money May' intends to fight a boxer of Mexican heritage to salvage the benefits of fighting on Cinco de Mayo. 

Claiming Floyd Mayweather's comments were nothing more than a smoke screen, the former lightweight champion stated:

"Mayweather really doesn't want to fight me. He likes to hand-pick his opponents. I'm a southpaw who's 5'9" and my walk-around weight is 152 lbs. I'm bigger than he is. Plus, I have incredible punching power in both hands. And most of all, I've studied this guy and know him like the back of my hand. I'm the guy that can hurt him and he knows it."

Was Floyd Mayweather being truthful when he claimed he wasn't familiar with Robert Guerrero? The answer is not known. However, general consensus among many in the boxing media is the well-read Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the most informed boxers in the game today. After all, even Mayweather has admitted to having his 'finger on the pulse' with regards to what's being written and discussed about him. Given the avalanche of speculation about him possibly fighting Robert Guerrero, its difficult to fathom how a fighter as astute as 'Money May' could have overlooked it.

"One thing I know for sure, if he steps in the ring with me and I crack him on that chin, he'll know who I am real quick," Guerrero said.

"Floyd can say what he wants but believe me, he knows who I am. If he doesn't, let's step in the ring and he can find out. I'll give him a formal introduction."

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