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David Price Blitzes the Horndon Hammer in One

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A top notch English Heavyweight title fight was on store as undefeated 2008 Olympic bronze medalist 11-0 (9) David Price fighting at home in Liverpool against perennial British contender Big Bad John McDermott, the 260 pounder from Horndon 26-7 (17).

The 6' 3' McDermott follows a family tradition in that his father Stan McDermott was a contending British heavy from 1977-82. But contending with the 6'8" giant Price was another matter and David was favored over the more experienced Bad John who has fought much better opposition in losing to British heavyweight title sensation Tyson Fury twice, Mike-Tyson conquerer Danny Williams twice, and being taken out in one by world heavy challenger Matt Skelton despite nine 1st round KO's in his log.

They both scored spectacular KO's in their last wins – Price destroying 15-0 contender Tom Dallas in two and McDermott doing the same to 10-1 puncher Larry Olubamiwo in just one.

This was the first big British heavy fight of 2012 for the vacant English heavy title over 12 rounds and bodes well for a great 2012 for the British heavyweight scene with Tyson Fury; Price; Sam Sexton; 'retired' David Haye; Klitschko-foe Dereck Chisora; comebacking Audley Harrison; Ireland's Martin Rogan; 6'8" giant Richard Towers and other like Michael Sprott; Albert Sosnowski and the gatekeeper to the English and British titles McDermott still in the mix. Several great matches can be made throughout the year featuring the above fighters.

Price entered with a 5" reach and height advantage but weighed 247 vs Big John's 271 lbs.

This one proved that Price was a clear step above the Horndon Hammer as he floored Big Bad John 3 times before two minutes had elapsed and McDermott was counted out by ref Howard Foster upon arising a second after the third knockdown. McDermott started by rushing Price and trying to land a big right. David tied him up and walked him across the ring before separating. McDermott rushed again and while throwing a big right which landed on Price was countered by a monstrous right uppercut which wobbled him and a followup left hook to the temple which sent him down for the first time. Upon arising he was put into a corner by Price and a right hand to the side of the head floored him a second time at only 70 seconds into the contest. Big John thumped the canvas in disgust before he got up but then was spearpoled by a long left jab and follow up right to the head which sent him down to the canvas for the count.

It was a tremendously explosive job done by David Price who even though enter the ring an 8-1 favorite against England's gatekeeper was expected to have his hardest outing and perhaps have to go a full twelve before beating down the challenge of the Horndon Hammer. It all proved a lot easier and more conclusive than that. Based on this performance and the fact that Price beat Tyson Fury in the amateurs the coming fight for the British title might just be a tossup by first bell even though Price at 12-0 (10) has had fewer fights than Tyson 17-0 (12).

Remember that Tyson was floored heavily by a right hand from Canadian champ Neven Pajkic in his last winning effort and Price puts all 6' 8" behind his vaunted right. Something for everyone to look forward to over spring.

Denis Nolan

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