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Oliver McCall: "Eric Molina will knock out Chris Arreola"

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Every fighter has a dream; and until that dream is fulfilled, the warrior within continues to motivate and drive that individual through adversities both in and out of the ring.

It's the primary identity of a fighter. The courage and bravery to suffer through hardships and difficulty in order to seek that career defining glory and universal adulation.

For every fighter, the end greatly justifies the means.

After 26 years of being a prizefighter, the end is starting to resemble a new beginning for the former WBC Heavyweight Champion Oliver McCall.

"I sparred with Eric Molina to help him prepare for his previous bout against Warren Browning in 2011, and I gave him a couple of pointers here and there while he was in camp with trainer Al Bonanni," recollects the "Atomic Bull". "Everything went well and Eric ended up knocking out Browning in the third round."

"Recently, Eric told me that he was going to be facing Chris Arreola in a title eliminator, and he wanted me to join him once again in training camp. I thought it was a great idea because I can emulate Chris Arreola's pressure and combination punching style very well, but he told me he didn't just want me to spar with him to help him prepare."

"Eric asked me if I could take control and show him some things he has to do to be successful in a fight with Chris Arreola."

McCall agreed to take on the assignment of chief second and became Eric Molina's mentor for the duration of a four week training camp. The 46 year old professional claims that the chemistry between him and Molina will make up for a relatively short period of preparation.

"First of all, we talk a lot. Eric is a very smart man and we spend quality time discussing certain things we need to do and work on. We have several different strategies that we're working on and everyone will see a new and much improved Eric Molina."

"Everyone who watches this fight will be shocked when they see Eric Molina knock out Chris Arreola. I truly believe that Eric will knock him out on February 18th."

With only a limited amount of time to prepare for a ring veteran like Chris Arreola, the new head trainer is very impressed with what he sees from Molina.

"Right now, Eric looks great. I'm very impressed with how well he's adjusting to some of the new wrinkles and techniques I'm showing him in the ring. He's a very quick learner. His ability to soak up knowledge and understand it so quickly makes my job that much easier. I can show him new things in the ring at a much more accelerated rate than most fighters would be able to digest."

"It's enabled me to be able to implement different strategies, techniques, and styles that we're going to need for this specific fight."

Although McCall has been to the pinnacle of boxing, knocking out Lennox Lewis in 1994 to capture the WBC Heavyweight title, he would love the opportunity to achieve that same success cultivating dedicated and hungry young talent.

Pictured: Oliver McCall, left, working the mitts with Eric Molina


"Right now I really want to start training young fighters. Training is one of my passions and I really want to start giving back what has been given to me. I want to start helping young fighters to bring back boxing to where it used to be when I was first learning the sport."

"I learned from the great Georgie Benton, Emanuel Steward, Richie Giachetti, and Willie Rush. These guys were great trainers who devoted their time to train me in my boxing career, so I want to give some of that back to younger fighters."

With the great fighters of the nineties like Oliver McCall cultivating today's talent, one can only hope that boxing can become a consistently viewed product in the mainstream sports world once again.

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