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Chris Brown vs Drake: 'We Have Seen Drake's True Colors,' Insists Michel

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather isn't the only big fight that probably won't happen... According to the Host of Celebrity Boxing, Sergio Michel, Drake has turned down a purported $5 Million USD offer to fight Chris Brown, refusing to take part in what would have been the biggest celebrity boxing match in history.

On June 14, hip-hop stars Drake and Chris Brown, bitter rivals, were casually dining at a W.i.P nightclub in Manhattan with their respective encourages when, in an instant, bedlam broke loose.

Glass bottles were hurled and a major brawl between the two entourages ensued.

In the end, seven or eight people were injured during the melee including San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker, who later said he nearly lost his left eye. Moreover, the State Liquor Authority suspended the license of W.i.P., which was trashed as a result of the spectacle.

For the last several years, Chris Brown and Drake have had a long-standing feud over Rihanna, who had a romantic affair with Drake after dumping Brown when the latter assaulted her in 2009.

As a result of last month's high-profile confrontation and the obvious, pre-existing bad blood between the two superstars, Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing initially offered Drake and Chris Brown $1 Million USD apiece to fight as boxers before raising the sum to $5 Million USD days later.

Billionaire Alki David was the fight's primary backer.

The proposed date was September 22nd and, according to Feldman, a significant share of the proceeds were to be donated to charities, including organizations that help abused women.

Pictured: Rihanna in Paris, France in 2011
Courtesy of Oouinouin from Nanterre, France


"I am disgusted to find out that even after a five million dollar payout, an offer to be trained and coached by a boxing legend (Floyd Mayweather Sr), and other gracious considerations, Drake has pulled out of the event," stated Sergio Michel, Host & Ring Announcer for Celebrity Boxing."

"I have never been a fan of Drake or his music... but decided to let him prove himself to me and duke it out with Chris Brown over the various grudges (against Brown) we all know too well."

Michel continued, "I am sorely disappointed as a boxing fan and as a part of the Celebrity Boxing family to see this kind of cowardice in a man who tries to come across like a tough guy or hardened thug."


Pictured: Sergio Michel, Host of Celebrity Boxing, center, with adoring friends 


"We have seen Drake's true colors and he is clearly not the tough guy he portrays himself as."

"... I urge the public to stop supporting these pseudo-thugs and studio gangsters like Drake who talk a great game but are afraid to bang out like a man - even when he's getting paid handsomely for it. This may be the last nail in the coffin and signal the demise of his 'bad boy' image."

"Chris Brown, on the other hand, has earned my respect and I commend him for his willingness to entertain the people with this kind of match. I commend Chris Brown for his off the record acceptance of this challenge only a few days after it was pitched to him. Say what you will about Chris, but he did not back down from a fight, and for that he has my respect."

"In contrast, Drake's running from this conflict is an embarrassment to Hip Hop and manhood in general."

Would a boxing match between Drake and Chris Brown settled settled their feud? Maybe and maybe not. However, this uniquely intriguing match-up would have garnered tremendous international interest and helped several charities in the process.

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