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Sergio Martinez Makes Believers of Some

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Saturday night boxing fans were given a real treat with one of the most highly anticipated fights of the year, Lineal Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez vs WBC Middleweight Belt-holder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Many boxing writers, including me, who picked Chavez to win via a late stoppage were wrong in our assessment that Chavez would be too young, too big and too powerful for Sergio Martinez.

Those of us who didn't like Martinez's chances believed Chavez's short, hard body shots on the inside would certainly wear down the lineal middleweight champion who will turn 38 in February. 

For many who picked the 26 year old Chavez, the only advantages we saw for Martinez were his speed and overall experience against high level competition.

The end result wasn't terribly shocking given half way through the bout Sergio Martinez had already started making believers of some, including me.

It was surprising, however, Sergio Martinez was "occasionally" content to fight on the ropes and sit in the pocket and exchange with his bigger, stronger foe. Given Chavez's size, punching power and ability to fight well on the inside, it would be risky for any middleweight - especially a much smaller one - to engage Chavez in such a way.

Many in the boxing media, yours truly included, expected Sergio Martinez to be 'on his bycycle' the entire fight and avoid the ropes and toe-to-toe exchanges like the literal plague. But Martinez stood his ground, often giving more than he received... Until the 12th Round, of course.

The 12th round had fans in a frenzy. It surely must be considered one the most exciting final rounds in recent memory. Both men were hurt and immensely fatigued when the final bell rang. But Martinez demonstrated exceptional heart and quick recovery time to snatch back victory from the jaws of defeat.

Admittedly, although I picked Chavez to win, Martinez had boxed so well the first eleven rounds and was so close to finishing, it was nice seeing him survive as there would have been little justice in a Chavez Jr victory.


Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr - Exciting Round 6

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