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Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez to Rehydrate to 170 lbs on Fight Day?

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Canelo's trainer, Chepo Reynoso, recently hinted that Alvarez, despite the 152 lb catchweight agreement, may still enter the ring at 170lbs.
It's not uncommon for Alvarez, who usually weighs between 153 and 154 lbs at the weigh-in (a day before the bout), to enter the ring as high as 168 lbs.

Moreover, it's believed he tipped the scales at 172 lbs last April against Austin Trout.

Mayweather, unlike most elite non-heavyweights these days, rarely gains more than 2 or 3 lbs on fight day.

If Alvarez enters at 170 lbs and Floyd is 154 lbs or below, we'll conceivably have a match between a jr middleweight and  light heavyweight.

According to BoxingScene, Mayweather stated in response:

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"The weight can't fight for you. Actually putting on a lot of weight after the weigh-in can slow you down and make you sluggish."

"Nothing bothers me about no opponent. I can make adjustments better than any other fighter. I truly believe in skills, it's not about the weight, skills pay the bills."

"I don't really listen to what other trainers say. I just focus on what my game plan is, and my game plan is to be smart, be first, and win. Every fighter has a weakness."

"He's a guy who likes to box, he's really young and he's banking on his youth. I have the experience," Mayweather said.

Will Mayweather be able to deal with the young man's size and strength? Should we expect Floyd to use his experience to wear down a fighter whose body has had to adjust to packing upwards of 15-20 lbs of water weight in just 24 hours?

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