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Wednesday, 01 January 2014 20:05

Gennady Golovkin trainer: Maidana and Garcia more deserving of Floyd Mayweather Sweepstakes (VIDEO)

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Abel Sanchez, currently the trainer for Gennady Golovkin, discusses Mayweather vs Khan and the latter's deservability in relation to his marketability.
Sanchez, who has previously trained the likes of Terry Norris, Orlin Norris, Lupe Aquino and Samuel Peter, insists Amir Khan doesn't deserve to fight boxing's biggest star.

"I don't think Amir Khan has done enough to merit that,"stated Sanchez.

"It's a money thing... It's a business thing... It's a network thing."

"Obviously Amir Khan has a big name."

"He may not be as deserving but may be the biggest money fight for Floyd."

Video courtesy of Hustle Boss
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