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Gary Busey and Tommy Morrison's son electrify crowd: Trey Lippe records fifth consecutive win (Video)

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Trey Lippe-Morrison (5-0, 5 KO), the son of former 1990s top contender Tommy Morrison, notched his fifth straight win this weekend in front of a rambunctious crowd at Miami's Buffalo Run Casino in Oklahoma.

... But the native son wasn't the biggest celebrity on-hand Saturday night.

Legendary actor Gary Busey stepped into the ring just prior to Lippe-Morrison's fight, drawing cheers from the capacity crowd.

"It's good to be in Oklahoma, because this is home," a wild-haired Busey said to the raucous crowd after the ring announcer handed him the microphone.

No stranger to Oklahoma, the 70 year old Busey graduated from Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa in 1962.

"The winner of this fight, I'm going to challenge him to a fight, naked!" Busey said.

Who would want to see that?

On a brighter note, 25 year old 6'2" heavyweight Trey Lippe-Morrison recorded another first-round knockout. It was his fourth straight KO in the opening stanza.

His father, Tommy Morrison, a former WBO heavyweight champion and top 10 heavyweight for the better part of 1991 to 1996, died in September 2013.

Was Tommy Morrison ever not in an exciting fight? Of his 52 bouts, only seven went the distance. He was a great warrior during an exhilarating time in heavyweight boxing.

Will his son, Trey-Lippe, follow in his father's footsteps?







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