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Nicholas Walters: The 'Axeman' came to bury Nonito Donaire, not to praise him

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In boxing, big opportunities are very rare. Less than one percent of all active, professional combatants receive their "time to shine" on the biggest stage of boxing. And when the chance of a lifetime does present itself, it's entirely up to the fighter to make the most of his shot at the proverbial brass ring.

Leading into this past Saturday night's co-main event with five division world champion Nonito Donaire, 28 year old Jamaican native, Nicholas Walters, was very aware of his situation, and who he would have to defeat to become one of boxing's most promising stars.

"I know Donaire is a great champion and I know his best assets are his punching power and hand speed," the newly crowned Super WBA Featherweight told members of the boxing media during fight week. "But he's gotten used to relying on those attributes while fighting at lower weights. He's going to be facing a real Featherweight fighter on Saturday, October 18th."

"One who isn't intimidated by his power and his speed. Those things don't affect me. In this fight, Nonito Donaire is going to have to show me more respect than I need to show him. I know what kind of fighter he is. I've prepared for everything he's going to show me during the fight. Does he know what kind of fighter I am? He's going to find out this Saturday night."

The entire world found out what kind of fighter Nicholas Walters is.

In his global coming out party, the unbeaten title holder shown veteran poise by methodically breaking down the seemingly more experienced champion; consistently and intelligently working behind the jab, measuring distance with each punch thrown, while mentally and physically imposing his will.

It was a surprising display of dominance to everyone but the newly crowned Super WBA Featherweight Champion.

The knock-out victory played out exactly like the insightful prizefighter thought it would.

"This victory didn't just happen," stated Nicholas Walters after his defining victory. "We worked hard for this. We knew we were fighting a great champion in Nonito Donaire, and we were ready for his speed and power."

But the heavy handed "Axeman" didn't just display veteran poise inside of the ring. The 28 year old fighter was extremely gracious after defeating Nonito Donaire, and gave credit where credit was due.

"I need to thank Bob Arum and Top Rank, HBO, and Nonito Donaire for giving me this opportunity to show my skill and talent," amiably stated the Jamaican born champion.

"If I ever fight anyone who has great speed in the future, I'm going to call on Nonito Donaire to help me train in the gym. And if he ever needs my help to prepare for anyone, I'll be there for him as well."

It's difficult to say what's more impressive about Nicholas Walters' display of class. The fact that he dominated a five division world champion in the ring, or his awareness concerning the business of boxing?

In order for the sport to flourish in creating new stars, the existing champions and recognizable names of boxing are expected and encouraged to grant these "big fight" opportunities to lesser known and aspiring young contenders. It's how the sport has always progressed.

If a fighter isn't presented with the opportunity, no matter how talented or capable, his potential in the sport will never be recognized.

On Saturday, October 18th, Featherweight Nicholas Walters was given an opportunity, and he made the most of it. As a result, a new star of boxing has been recognized.

Bravo, boxing...Bravo!