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Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach: “Juan Manuel Marquez is much tougher and smarter than Floyd Mayweather.”

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When analyzing the upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiao super fight on May 2, most fans and pundits will examine how both fighters performed against common opponents.

While most Pacquiao fans will understandably place much emphasis on their fighter’s stoppage victories over Hatton, Cotto, and De la Hoya, the pound for pound king’s ardent supporters always seem to point to one fight…Pacquiao/Marquez IV of December, 2012.

Because Pacquiao has always had a tough time in the ring with the Mexican fight legend, even in times of victory, and Floyd Jr. decisively out-pointed Juan Manuel Marquez with relative ease when they met in 2009, fans of Mayweather will often “connect the dots” to formulate a clear image of a resounding victory over the Filipino Congressman.

Pacquiao’s head trainer, Freddie Roach, affirms that boxing doesn’t work that way.

Although both Mayweather and Marquez are both prolific and intelligent counter punchers in the ring, the Hall of Fame trainer insists there is a huge difference between the two fighters that most fight fans aren’t seeing.

“Well, Mayweather is a good counter puncher, but he’s not as slick as Marquez,” professes trainer Freddie Roach. “Floyd is a little faster with the right hand, but he doesn’t have the guts to throw in combination like JMM.”

“In my opinion, Marquez is a much tougher and smarter fighter than Floyd Mayweather Jr.”

Over the last several years, the Hall of Fame trainer has been studying Mayweather’s strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies in the ring. Freddie sees many bad habits he feels his fighter can exploit in less than two weeks.

“One thing about Mayweather, he doesn’t really throw back until you stop punching, which is a bad habit of his."

"So I think Manny is fast enough to throw in combination, get out, make him miss, and then move back in and make him pay again. So that’s part of our gameplan for May 2.”

While the seven-time trainer of the year does recognize the obvious gifts Mayweather brings to the ring, Freddie honestly doesn’t believe the currently recognized pound for pound best in boxing is better than Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Obviously Mayweather is a good counter puncher, but he’s not Marquez…he’s not great.”

Ten more days, fight fans!!

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