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Pacquiao vs Bradley 3: Manny says 'Juan Manuel Marquez' strategy won't work

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Ahead of their third fight, Tim Bradley recently suggested he plans to implement the 'Juan Manuel Marquez' strategy to knockout foe Manny Pacquiao.

Hence, Brads says he looking to launch a massive, well-timed counter power shot on an aggressive Pacquiao to end the fight.

But Manny says he's ready.

Yesterday, at the final Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 press conference, Manny said the following when asked about Tim's 'Marquez Strategy.'

"I know that [Tim is looking to test me]," Manny replied.

"I know that even Floyd [Mayweather based his] style on that strategy in the last fight."

"I know that they [Team Bradley] are going to use that strategy but I learned a lot from that [Marquez] fight so I think they better think of another strategy."

And yes, Floyd went for the kill shot several times, uncharacteristically planting his feet and loading up.

But is that really Bradley's strategy? 

If so, why would he be so overt?








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