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Whyte vs Povetkin: Odds

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According to UK Mirror, promoter Eddie Hearn has offered Alexander Povetkin a June showdown with Dillian Whyte.

Povetkin, of course, is the WBA and WBO's top contender while Whyte is the WBC's.

Given Povetkin is the mandatory opponent for WBA/WBO/IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, Hearn is apparently hoping to entice Povetkin and Whyte with enough money so they fight each other and, perhaps, clear the way for the massive Joshua vs Deontay Wilder showdown.

Whyte vs Povetkin odds

Alexander Povetkin
Should Dillian and Alex fight in June, the odds would be really interesting. Betting lines haven't opened yet but we can assume they'll be close. 

Those who favor Povetkin will insist he's an elite fighter who has lost just once. And in that 2013 bout, fight legend Wladimir Klitschko hugged, mugged, tackled and clinched his way to a wide points verdict. 

Moreover, the Russian Olympic Gold medal winner is one of the most accomplished amateur heavyweights ever. And after winning the gold at the 2004 Summer Olympics, he finished his amateur career with a record of 125–7, with all losses avenged.

Povetkin has solid power in both hands and underrated hand-speed. He's also quite durable, has a great sense of awareness in the ring, closes the distance well, applies intelligent pressure, and is a fine combination puncher.

He's not that far removed from a prime Wladimir Klitschko.

Dillian Whyte
Those who'll give Whyte an edge will point to two immediate perceived advantages - youth and (presumed) location. He'll turn 30 in April while Povetkin turns 39 in September. And assuming that Whyte vs Povetkin takes place in the UK, Dillian, the homeboy, would likely get a boost should the fight go the distance.

Whyte also has polished boxing skills and might be quicker than Povetkin at this stage as well. Advocates for Dillian will point to Povetkin's recent verdicts against Christian Hammer and Andriy Rudenko where Alex failed to sizzle against opponents Whyte would be favored against.

And lastly, Alex hasn't faced many quick, technical 'hit-and-don't-be-hit boxers over the last seven years. And when he has faced a polished opponent, whether Wladimir Klitschko or Ruslan Chagaev, he's experienced problems.

Of course, Povetkin's critics will point to Alex's 2011 fight against then-cruiserweight champion Marco Huck who, like Dillian today, is quicker and has more finesse than Povetkin. Povetkin won a controversial decision tilt over Huck but the latter gave Alex a lot of trouble, especially with his right hand which couldn't miss that evening.

My odds: Povetkin 7 to 5 
Both guys are libel to get hurt sometime in the fight and I think Povetkin would be the calmer of the two and the more likely to survive. As an amateur and pro, he's been in so many fights and has seen just about everything.

I'd list Alexander Povetkin as the slight but clear favorite in this bout because he boasts advantages in overall skills, punching power and experience. And the age factor is, or will be, overrated.

Povetkin's critics will point to this 2011 fight and insist Whyte is a bigger, stronger version of Huck






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